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Mars in Libra

Mars entered libra yesterday and will be there for nearly 8 months. This doesn’t happen very often as it usually stays in a sign for about 6 weeks. It has a 23 month cycle around the zodiac.

How does this effect us?

The challenge will be how to balance our needs with other’s needs.

Do we consult with our partner (business or love) before making decisions or taking action?

If we have not dealt with issues in relationships this is the time it  will come up.



Mars represents: our desires, our drive, how we assert ourselves, competition, challenge, sex, virility, life force, libido.

Libra: air sign, very social, ideas, love of harmony + beauty, mind, is best in partnership, ideals, strong sense of justice and fairness, indecisive,refined,constant urge to create balance,like to please others,  courtesy, charm and social graces are important.

Mars will act as a catalyst to energise the area in your life that corresponds to where libra is in your natal chart.


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