Astrology by Mathilde

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Uranus in Aries goes direct and full moon in Gemini today!


Uranus has been retrograde (appears to be going backwards) since July, today it goes direct.

What does this mean? Firstly Uranus represents the genius, innovator, trickster, liberator within us. It demands

freedom to be our unique self, it illuminates, awakens, and disrupts the status quo.

Aries is the sign of the pioneer, adventurer, bold action, courage and strong initiative.

Together it’s a potent and potentially explosive mix. Expect the unexpected! Breakthroughs in areas you may have

been stuck in. Was there a potential for something exciting and new in mid july this year for you? If so, it’s been on

hold, it may return now with all it’s promise to revitalise your life. This is a time of breakthroughs both personally and globally.

This is a good time to push the boundaries of what is possible (….maybe blow up the boundaries!) releasing beliefs of what we

are capable of and embracing our uniqueness and manifesting our full creative potential!!




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