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Very Dynamic Very Potent Super New Moon in Capricorn!!

This New Moon in Capricorn is part of a Cardinal Grand Cross.

Cardinal means being action oriented!

This Grand Cross is a configuration of 7 planets all at right angles to each other.

What does this mean to us all?

New Moon= New Beginnings

This one comes with power, energy, tension, action. It is a big opportunity to TRANSFORM + REVOLUTIONISE our lives.

The point is……. can we rise to the challenge (and challenged we are!!!) to use these energies  as catalysts to:

* Purge and cleanse anything in our lives or our beliefs that block us from actualising our highest potential

* Face our deepest fears

* Dare to peel away the conditioning (both family and cultural) so we can be our original unique Self and create a joyful

and fulfilling life

Qualities of Capricorn that are being Ignited:

Ambition, tenacity, resourcefulness, discipline, determination, responsibility, conscientiousness.

Add to that the qualities from the other planets influencing this new moon:

Courage, proactive, directness, truthfulness, generosity of spirit, sensitivity and thoughtfulness for others, co-operation and consultation.

So this is a great opportunity for accelerated learning and major breakthroughs in our growth and evolution as individuals and collectively. Capricorn is all about growing up and maturing!

PS. Capricorn is the mountain goat that sets it’s sight to the top of the mountain and eventually reaches his goal.



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