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Venus retrograde from 21st December till 31st January 2014

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and values
It represents our feminine magnetic energy and attracting what we want into our life (as opposed to go getting it).
It's the principle of harmony, justice and equilibrium. It governs sensuality and seduction and aesthetic taste.
Also governs the flow of money.


When Venus turns retrograde it’s time to turn our light of awareness inwards. Venus retrograde is a catalyst to improve awareness about your relationship to people, money and values. Retrogrades are seen as a time to slow down, pause and go inwards. This can be a stressful time in relationships. We are called upon to go back and deal with unfinished business in our relationships and friendships. What do you believe about relationships, look at your expectations and habitual behaviour.

Also, do you feel lovable and worthy? Do you value others?  How do you respond to your loved ones? Revise, Retreat, Reflect and Repair. It is not recommended to start a new relationship while venus is retrograde. You might feel melancholic for a past love, he/ she might even make a return!

It’s a good time for re thinking our finances and looking at our budget. Are we happy with our spending habits? It is not recommended to make any major purchases while venus is retrograde.

If there are creative projects that you have been procrastinating with….. now is the time to finish them!


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  1. Thanks Mathilda, as always! I can really relate to this!

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