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Full Moon in Cancer

First Full Moon in 2014!


Full moon is about balancing polarities. This full moon highlights public life vs private life.

Capricorn represents: ambition, professional goals, public reputation, general duties and managing things.

Cancer represents: personal / domestic life, emotional security and safety, urge to belong, family and our personal needs.

The challenge is to balance meeting our responsibilities and obligations out in the world vs time for the personal connections with ourselves and people we feel close to.

At full moon things come to a head! There is a culmination energetically, anything we have not dealt with emotionally comes to the surface. Something can be revealed or exposed. Are we neglecting one part of this polarity for the other? Or have we sacrificed one for the other? Either way, we may be feeling dissatisfied or unhappy. It’s time to examine all this, correct our behaviour and choices so we can find harmony. The goal is for each part of our life to support the other parts.

Another way of looking at this is: What kind of society are we co-creating? What is our contribution? How are we participating? Does society meet our needs? Is it reflecting our values? Where do our society’s values come from? These are some questions we can ask ourselves at this time. These are some cancer / capricorn issues.

Because this is a cancer full moon it is useful to focus on our ability to NOURISH and PROTECT ourselves and the people we feel close to.




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