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Beautiful Pisces New Moon March 1st

Picture 23Enjoy the Pisces New Moon a time to tune into our dreams and visions. Let the healing energy of pisces flow through you as you make your wishes for this month.

Here are some words that try and capture the essence of elusive pisces:

….intangible, yielding, daydreams, nuances, devotional, transcendence, allowing, streams of consciousness, fantasy, illusion, flow with the current, active imagination, deep attunement, cosmic consciousness, amorphous states, lucidity, meditative, creativity, receptivity…..

Picture 1_11

This new moon is supported by jupiter, chiron and pluto, meaning if we allow ourselves to be with our deepest hurts and vulnerabilities, we will be nourished by our spirit.

Now is the time to dive into the healing waters of Neptune and come out renewed, refreshed, reconnected to our higher self and ready to work with our dreams and visions.

A quote from an 11th century chinese scholar to illustrate the strength of the water element….

“Of all the elements, the Sage should take water as his preceptor. Water is yielding but all conquering. Water extinguishes fire or, finding itself likely to be defeated, escapes as steam and reforms. Water washes away soft earth or, when confronted by rock, seeks a way around….. It saturates the atmosphere so that wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility, for no power can prevent it following it’s destined course to the sea. Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle.”

from John Blofeld’s ‘The Wheel of Life’   via Stephen Arroyo’s Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements.


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