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Grand Cross in Cardinal Signs 2014

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Shake Rattle and Roll!!!

There is a dynamic configuration in the sky which will peak this month April 2014. Setting the stage, Pluto and Uranus have been square (90 degrees) since June 2012. This is the 5th time that they are exact square in this time period.  This month Mars and Jupiter join them. We have been feeling the tension building up for quite a while.

The grand cross consists of 4 planets pulling in different directions. It signifies obstacles, resistance and hindrances, but also a dynamic and insistent force for transformation that needs to be used. It fosters an extraordinary ability to be self reliant yet also co- operative with others. The combination of these planets can be felt as:

Explosive  potent  electric  revolutionary  transformational  intense  evolutionary  violent  power issues  high tension  impulsive  risk taking  dangerous  innovative breakthroughs  monumental awakenings original solutions major reforms

Let’s have a closer look at the 4 planets:

Pluto is in Capricorn encouraging us to be in charge of  our life structures, and unleashing the high achiever in us. Uranus is in Aries motivating us to initiate our own personal revolution (as well as collectively). Jupiter in Cancer emphasises emotional intelligence, helping us grow on a deep feeling level and enticing us to protect and look after each other. Mars in Libra is all about the balance between self interest and living in harmony with others. All these are Cardinal Signs.

The Cardinal signs are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.They represent the 4 elements, Fire Water, Air and Earth and are known as the cross of matter in astrology. They are associated to the 4 directions. Cardinal represents leadership qualities, are pro active, and represent the ability to act directly and decisively. They are pioneering and like to initiate change.

How can we deal with such an intense super charged time? How do we harness this incredible opportunity?


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.07.42 PM

This is the time to set a new course in life. There is a huge amount of energy available. Don’t avoid issues that are trying to grab your attention. What area in your life is on fire and feels like it’s going to erupt like a volcano? Or collapse as though an earthquake is shaking your life order. Unresolved issues will be magnified, maybe even distorted to get your attention. You won’t have to dig deep, it should be right on the surface now. Be willing to let go of what is not working in your life, to make way for the new.

There is no managing this force or containing it (watch out control freaks!) Don’t focus on the drama, focus on the work to be done. Ask “what is my soul asking of me?” Open your mind to all the possibilities. Harness your will and align it to your most soulful self.

This dynamic combination can catalyse us to manifest our potential in ways that are incredibly surprising! There are potent gifts in store! Expect the unexpected!

The theme continues to be in our lives till March 2015, though, after early July 2014 not quite as intense. There will be more posts following that will discus the issues in more details



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