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Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra 15th April 2014


Lunar Eclipse in the Axis of Relationship

Aries Image      Libra Image


This lunar eclipse has a strong relationship theme, Aries representing our relationship to ourselves and Libra our relationship to others.

Aries = fiery, visionary, forceful, direct, enthusiastic, impulsive, ability to act decisively, prove oneself through action, tactless, independent, self oriented

Libra = co operation, diplomatic, aesthetic, seeks balance, refined, desire to please, codependent, indecisive, sociable, world of ideas + ideals, sensitive to beauty, self indulgent

Lunar eclipses represent  a time of completion or culmination in the lunar cycle. It’s a time of endings, they effect our emotions, forcing us to deal with subconscious forces within us. This eclipse highlights what is out of balance in our relationships (both personal and business). We can ask ourselves the question… “how do we support each other and go for what we want”

How can we harmonise these opposite yet complimentary urges, that is our challenge with this eclipse


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