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Solar Eclipse in Taurus 29th April 2014


HATHOR  Ancient Egyptian Goddess

This beautiful Painting is by Hrana Janto, it depicts Hathor a fitting goddess for our Taurus Solar Eclipse. She presides over fertility, growth and abundance. Solar Eclipses occur when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. It is always at new moon time. This eclipse is in Taurus which is all about being in our bodies, working with the earth, beauty, grounding and nourishing ourselves and experiencing our sensuality. Gardening, cooking,massaging, building are some of the ways to experience this energy. Taurus loves to be productive and practical and feel pleasure using the physical body.

Another theme for Taurus is values and self worth, lets reflect on what it is we value, especially after all the shaking up that we have been through. Look at what we spend our money on? What do we give our time to? Are we living from our values? Do our values support us still or are they outdated… part of a past self? Do we value different levels of reality or only material things?This is a wonderful opportunity to re- build our foundations.

Solar Eclipse involves a blockage of the light transmitted by the sun, it can bring on unexpected events, it’s a time of endings, finishing up issues that have been around not dealt with. It can be liberating in releasing old attitudes and  behaviour or people may pass out of our life. We might experience flashes of insights and awakenings, things come to light that have been hidden.

We have been challenged intensely for quite some time now, our issues exaggerated so that we can’t miss them. We have been out of our comfort zone, this taurus eclipse is a chance to ground our energies and allow all the changes to sink in.

So let’s nurture ourselves and each other and delight our senses!!!




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