Astrology by Mathilde

Deciphering the Stars

The Entelechy of us by Jean Houston



“Entelechy is a word that Aristotle used to describe higher guidance and purpose. It is the entelechy of an acorn to be an oak, of a baby to be a grown up human being.

Contact entelechy and all circuits are “go.” Tune to it and another order of perspective is at hand, one that comprehends the spatial and the temporal, that lifts the Earth of one’s seeing into another domain where love rules and the patterns of higher governance are known. Words can not really describe it. Metaphors fritter and fry in the fires of analogy. Entelechy is known in its experience. It is being in the flow. It is cooking on more burners. It is making the highest use of skills one has acquired. It is putting old capacities to work in new ways and discovering capabilities we never knew we had. It is growing the evolutionary organs of our future, transcendent selves.

When we live in service to our entelechy, we comprehend the genius of Leonardo, the compassion of Buddha, the social consciousness of Martin Luther King, the word craft of Emily Dickinson. We become actors on the stage of a new story, our personal play a scene in the sacred drama of all times and places. We experience profound joy, a sense of blissful felicity. We enter the domains of the mythic and come face to face with the fullness of what we are.”


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