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Mercury Retrograde 7th June till 2nd July 2014

What is it all about really? Retrogrades in general are about taking time out from the external world and going inward. This period of time is about retreating, reviewing, reassessing, reflecting and repairing. (that’s a lot of re words!) Mercury/ Hermes is

the Messenger of the Gods. (check wings on feet) Image Mercury rules transport trade, commerce and on a personal level, intellect and logic. It’s about communication, learning, curiosity and the cognitive process. It’s connected to how we process information coming through our senses and how we make sense of things. It’s associated with technical difficulties (computers + phones), transport and communication delays, misunderstandings and general confusion. Also it’s not a good time to sign contracts or make major purchases. This is all true, but on a deeper level it is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate our thinking process, how we talk to others, and how we make decisions.

It represents a time to slow down, go internal and catch up with ourself. The purpose is to get more clarity and insights. Also review any important  decisions we may have made recently. So let’s enjoy the slower pace and get things in order.


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