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Cancer New Moon 27th June 2014

There’s not a better time to focus on nourishing ourselves and others.

By Wilhelm Lehmbruck

By Wilhelm Lehmbruck
















Cancer rules feelings and symbolises the nurturer, the archetypal Mother and the waters that create new life. In astrology it is associated with our home (inner and outer) and our sense of belonging. Inner home refers to feelings of emotional security. Cancer is also associated to fertility and creating new life. This can be represented by children, art works, original theories, books inventions, starting our own business or any project that we give birth to.

This new moon is like a balm after the intense aspects we’ve had in the sky this year. It’s time to get softer and gentler, it’s time to plant the seeds of new ways to look after ourselves and our loved ones. Here’s some questions we can ask yourself…what can I do to nourish myself more? How can I feel more at home in my body? What helps me feel more emotionally safe and secure?

Cancer is a water sign. Water is a vital force of nature, it has a penetrating, gentle way. When we are in touch with our inner water, we are sensitive, know how we feel and are in tune with the subtle nuances around us. We are aware of our needs and the needs of others. We experience gut feelings (instincts) to situations as well as having the ability to feel the pain of others. This level of emotional intelligence is some of the best qualities of Cancer.

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So with this Cancer New Moon, take the time out to tune into your feelings. Go sit by some body of water, the ocean, a river or a lake. Do what nurtures you, be creative, drink from the deep well of feminine powers and re-birth yourself.


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