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Leo New Moon July 2014… time to play!

Joy and Passion Leo Style!

Pic by Martin Falbisoner

Pic by Martin Falbisoner













Leo is here to remind us to live in Joy and to the fullest, it loves to be the centre of attention, the centre of the universe!! It’s the Queen/King archetype, it’s not about shrinking ourselves to let others feel better. Leo can teach us about coming from our authentic Self, letting our creative self expression flow.

This New Moon is special as it is conjunct (next to) Jupiter which just entered Leo this month which happens every 12 years. Jupiter focuses on the big picture, encouraging us to entertain BIG GRAND IDEAS, SCHEMES, PROJECTS, PLANS or ADVENTURES.

This is a good time to socialise, be gregarious, go to parties, treat yourself to some luxuries. Also on a deeper level to take risks, be BOLD, follow your inspirations, do what you love. Have you noticed that when you do what you love it gives you energy??

Mars is making a 90 degree angle to the new moon, this adds energy and tension at this time. It is a good opportunity to release buried anger. It’s good to use the energy, channel it into something.

So expand your horizons, play more, don’t take things so seriously!

Choose Joy and Passion!!









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