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Super Full Moon in Aquarius Aug 2014


This is the 4th Super Moon in this year’s series of 5. (super moon is when the new or full moon comes to a point closest to the earth)

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Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other, it’s a super charged time, a time of fruition. If you have set intentions at the New Moon (it’s a good time to) now you may see some results. It can be a high energy time. Every month is a new opportunity to focus on your goals and set intentions, or refresh ones you have. Make sure the goals are relevant to the signs the sun and moon are in.

This time the Sun is in Leo and Moon is in Aquarius, these signs, like all opposite ones compliment each other beautifully. Qualities associated with Leo are: self oriented, self rule, pride in achievement, creative self expression, passionate love for life, exclusivity.  Aquarius qualities are: idealist, independent, social conscience, team work, grass roots power, collective dreams/goals, inventive, visionary, inclusive. As you can see Leo is all about a strong sense of Self, while Aquarius is about one’s relationship to the collective.

So do we do our own thing, develop our talents or participate in projects about social responsibilities? The good thing is that it is not either/or, we do not need to sacrifice what we want to do for the good of our society/community. That was more applicable in the Pisces Age that just finished. We are in the Aquarian Age now and the best way that we can contribute is by developing our unique talents and sharing it with the world. Joseph Campbell coined the phrase ” Follow your Bliss” I would add …dedicate it/ intend it for the highest good of everyone.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.37.14 AM









This full moon captures this theme so well, with the added complexity of Saturn (in Scorpio) in a hard angle (90 degrees) to it, there will be stress as our goals will be tested. Saturn represents our strengths and fears, the part of us that is in resistance to change. So it will not be full steam ahead, there will be challenges to deal with. But being challenged and uncomfortable can motivate us to act and deal with issues that we’ve been putting up with. A good way to use this cosmic energy is to go deep (scorpio) be with your fears, listen to them, talk to them, have compassion for them!

The astro signs involved (Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio) are fixed signs meaning the emphasis is on WILL POWER! They are stubborn and persistent and resist change.  The challenge is to use our will power for our highest good and get through our patterns of denial, minimising, aversions and discomfort with what we don’t want to look at (our shadow). Most of the time it’s not as bad as we have made it in our minds!

This is a great opportunity to evolve in consciousness  by being aware of our deepest fears and resistance and knowing what stops us is not OUTSIDE ourselves.

We are part of something much bigger than ourselves (Aquarius), let’s be our authentic self (Leo) and seize the occasion to initiate or participate in creating a world that is more accepting of  all the differences on this planet. A world more loving, encouraging and supportive  of each other.


Chart for full moon in aquarius 2014

Chart for full moon in aquarius 2014



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  1. Beautiful interpretation of the planetary alignment of this time. Thank you Mathilde for your insight and compassion x

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