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Scorpio Solar Eclipse 23rd Oct 2014

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This Scorpio Solar Eclipse has magnetic energy, it concentrates and intensifies feelings and experiences. Though it is not as strong as the lunar eclipse from earlier this month (see post on Oct 7th 2014).

Like all eclipses it is associated with unpredictable energy as well as beginnings and endings. Solar Eclipse involves a blockage of the light transmitted by the sun, it can bring on unexpected events, it’s a time of endings, finishing up issues that have been around not dealt with. It can be liberating in releasing old attitudes and behaviour or people may pass out of our life. We might experience flashes of insights and awakenings, things come to light that have been hidden.

Eclipses come in groups and they represents cycles of change and growth with particular themes. This one is part of a cycle that challenge and cajole our beliefs and perceptions about relationships. Venus snuggles up and caresses the sun and moon @ 0 degrees of scorpio, putting more emphasis on relating. This is all about intimacy and connection.

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0 degrees represents an openness to new experience, the next 3 new moons are at 0 degrees too. Sagittarius new moon in october, Capricorn new moon in december, and aquarius new moon in january. This is a call from the cosmos to be open to the wonder and abundant possibilities of life.

Scorpio represents our desire nature, sexuality, birth, death transformation. Do you know your emotional truth? Do you live by it? This is the best time to cultivate our Emotional intelligence. Scorpio teaches us not to be afraid of the dark, to have the courage to face our fears head on. This is an important lesson in the times we live in, as there is so much fear around us. We are being manipulated to be scared of terrorists, infectious diseases, people acting ‘suspiciously’ and god knows what else. Let’s not deny, whitewash, sublimte or minimize those aspects of ourselves that trip us up, sabotaging us at crucial times.

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The mythic theme of the phoenix rising from the ashes is a perfect symbol for scorpio. Meaning it often takes an intense situation when some aspect of our life dramatically falls apart and burns to the ground (like being in a pressure cooker with the lid fixed tightly on!) Then we are free to rise out of the ashes of old ways and rebuild without the aspects of the past that limit us.

Because this new moon is in a mercury retrograde period it would be advantageous to reflect on your relationships and deal with unfinished business. With Neptune and Mars aspecting the new moon (by trine and sextile) physical attraction and spiritual love are added to the equation. Are you ready for some deep sexual healing?

What is available now is the possibility of re- awakening our desire nature and cultivating our yearning for intimacy. May we deeply connect with another, physically emotionally and spiritually so we can experience our life in a richer and more fulfilling way.


































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