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Passionate Full Moon in Taurus 6th November 2014

This full moon activates the areas of relationship, money, sex and desires

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Full moons invite us to look at the areas that are highlighted by the signs the sun and moon occupy. This full moon has sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus.

Taurus represents appreciating the simple things in life, while Scorpio by it’s very nature focuses on the mysteries and complexities around us. Taurus is about accumulating, Scorpio is about elimination. We are being challenged to find our harmony with all this. How can we release what is out-moded in our lives, while building and developing upon those aspects that support and nourish us?

As an earth sign, Taurus focuses on our basic survival needs, physical, material and emotional. It loves it’s comfy comfort zone! And pleasure! With taurus we slow down and enjoy being in our bodies. As it is ruled by venus; sensuality and feeling pleasure through our senses is very important. Having beautiful smelling baths or receiving relaxing massages are good examples. So is the pleasure of the smell and taste of good food, wine or coffee. Of course the other sense is hearing and music has long been associated with this sign. Taurus loves to be productive and has great ability to persist and endure to achieve it’s goal. Money is a big issue for taurus with financial security being a necessity.

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As mentioned in an earlier post……”Scorpio represents our desire nature, sexuality, birth, death transformation. Do you know your emotional truth? Do you live by it? This is the best time to cultivate our Emotional intelligence. Scorpio teaches us not to be afraid of the dark, to have the courage to face our fears head on.”  This entails diving deep into our psyches so we may familiarise ourselves with what really motivates us. What goes on behind our urges and desires? Do we want to know? Do we want to take responsibility? These are some of the themes this taurus full moon brings up.

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At Full Moon things come to a head; it’s a culmination of energy patterns that have been at play for a while in our life and our psyche. It’s a time of endings. There may be things passing out of our lives whether they are self initiated or take us by surprise. At the same time some things are coming to fruition: ideas, new business ventures, project or relationships. If there has been pressure in your relationships the tension will be unbearable now. Now is the time to deal with the underlying issues and take steps to become more aware of your energy patterns.

This full moon is very strongly aspected, with venus sitting intimately next to the sun, we can’t help but think of love. Reflective  Chiron creates a sextile  (60 degrees) to the moon, fostering helpful insights and reflection in the process of healing. And the inimitable duo of pluto and mars are in trine (120 degrees) revving up our desire nature, so our deep urges have extra horsepower to drive us along! But wait there’s more! Outrageous jupiter in leo feeds it all with loads of excess and indulgence, just in case you thought you can control it all, think again!

On a serious note, all these planetary contacts are really helpful. The opportunity here is to acknowledge and clear old wounds around intimacy and love. We can access more courage and drive and find the fortitude to using our will power FOR our highest good. The cosmos is helping us to regenerate our attitudes and behaviour in relationships, eliminating dysfunctional beliefs (scorpio) and developing new levels of stability (taurus) so we can meet our deepest needs.

Photo by Ad Maskens via Wiki Commons

Photo by Ad Maskens via Wiki Commons


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