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Let’s aspire to our highest potential with Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius has a passionate approach to life, it’s spontaneous and daring. It LOVES adventure, travel, the outdoors, everything foreign and exotic. It believes in the possible and in following dreams, ideals and hunches.

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The sun and moon join together at 0 degrees for this new moon. This is the 2nd of a series of 4 consecutive new moons at this degree. 0 degrees represents an openness to new experience. This is a call from the cosmos to be open to the wonder and abundant possibilities of life.

Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, the traveler, the truth seeker, the philosopher, the visionary, the idealist. The one who seeks BIG IDEAS, follows inspiration with much enthusiasm and has boundless faith and optimism in life. Freedom and independence are essential to achieving it’s aims.

This is a time to seed new ideas, write a wish list, envision our dreams and cultivate more faith in life. Time to look at the Bigger Picture, where are we heading? What is our life direction? Are the things we are doing supporting and steering us towards our vision. We have had plenty of opportunities this year to look at our values, what is it we treasure in life. Does our life reflect our values?

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Venus and Ceres are conjunct this new moon (next to) adding a big dose of the feminine archetype and continuing the theme of relationships that has been in focus for months. Saturn and Neptune are involved too, saturn testing the validity of our goals in it’s inimical fashion! Neptune emphasising the ideal but also can tip into dissolution and dissatisfaction.

The thing to remember with sagittarius and jupiter, it’s ruler; is not to over do things. Like over committing to projects from a space of enthusiasm and a feeling of invincibility. They have a restless, impulsive energy that keep us from getting too settled in our lives, which can be a good thing or not depending on your perspective.

Sagittarius and jupiter are associated with journeys, on the physical plane it’s travel of course. But more importantly on a metaphysical level it’s about the expansion of consciousness through our awareness and participation with life on a deeper level. Looking for meaning  and patterns and developing our symbolic sight.

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