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New Moon/Solstice/Uranus direct/ Saturn in Sag!!!

The end of December is a very significant time with many strong shifts and beginnings/ endings of cycles coinciding at the same time. We have:

#Winter/ Summer Solstice 21st Dec   #New Moon in Capricorn 22nd Dec   #Saturn entering Sagittarius 24th Dec   #Uranus going direct 24th Dec #Uranus square Pluto all Dec


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Solstices signify the times of new seasons, either summer or winter. The sun is either at it’s highest or lowest point relative to the equator. Since ancient times these cycles have been celebrated with festivals and initiations that have helped people feel in harmony with the cycles of nature. As well as staying connected with the cosmos.

With the new moon in Capricorn at 0 degree we can focus our energies with clear intentions and discipline on ambitious new projects. Don’t forget the capricorn symbol – the mountain goat that has it’s sight set on the mountain top! Qualities associated with capricorn are resourceful, self-discipline, ambitious, practical and good organising and management skills.

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We can ask ourselves how we can be more effective in our efforts to achieve the goals we’ve set. And we can tap into some practical  common sense and a good dose of tenaciousness with this new moon. Especially since it has been such a high pressure time, both internally and externally.

The Pluto/ Uranus square has been with us since 2012, we are now in the 6th encounter, with only one more to go in March 2015. By now we are familiar with the intensity that this represents. It feels like we are all living in a global pressure cooker that’s ready to go off at any time. There has been a tremendous amount of upheaval all around us. Life is demanding that we evolve and this means looking at how we use the resources of the planet, as well as our own inner resources.

Are we being our authentic selves? Do we need to let go of outmoded beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us? Are the structures in our lives supporting us… this includes governments, corporations, schools, work. What are we consuming? And how does it affect the environment?Do our survival mechanisms serve our highest good or have we outgrown them without noticing? Do we have a vision for humanity?

These are some of the questions we may ask ourselves so we may facilitate deeper insights into our lives and into our society. This will help us to start implementing the next stage of the shift, by taking responsibility, not just for our own life but for all the people, animals and nature on this planet. Let’s be more inclusive (not exclusive) more authentic, more grassroots (less hierarchical) these are all aquarian/ uranian values.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 10.37.38 AM

As for Saturn leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius, this is a major shift. In scorpio saturn’s massage was to embrace our shadow, which is any qualities that we do not include. Aspects of ourselves that we are blind to. The lesson was not to deny or minimise our fears, but to acknowledge and work with the. This period may have also brought endings and completions in our lives. In sagittarius saturn looks for truth, it helps us to examine our beliefs and prejudices. It’s a wonderful opportunity to test and ground our visions.



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