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Cancer Full Moon Jan 2015

This first full moon in 2015 in Cancer is a powerful challenge to shift our energy and bring more awareness.


The full moon is aligned with the Uranus/ Pluto square that has been in operation since 2012. It’s been felt through all the crises and intense events that have occurred both in our personal lives and collectively.

It may manifest as power issues with others as well as a build up of intensity that provokes emotional reactions.

Pluto is about control issues, it will either intensify them or help us eliminate them, depending on our focus. It will show us where we are stuck, where our holding patterns are. Uranus emphasises the urge to release restriction in our lives, as well as attachments to the past that no longer serve us or stop our evolution.

A simpler way of putting it is ……… there is an opportunity for a massive clean up – emotionally and psychically! We are invited, summoned, even provoked to process and understand if our personal life and needs support our work life and duties. Do our ambitions and goals in life harmonise with what emotionally sustains us?

Capricorn represents ambition, the urge to achieve, status, reputation, mastery, purpose, being out there in the world.

Cancer represents emotional needs, sense of belonging and security with family and roots, instinctive, sensitive, creative, personal life.

Traditional values, security and safety are some of the issues that these two signs have in common. So is boundaries, are we good at setting them? Do we over defend ourselves? Do we build walls between ourselves and others to feel safer and avoid getting hurt? All these themes could come up in our lives at this time in a very challenging way.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 1.33.18 AM

This full moon is part of a formation called a grand cross in cardinal signs. This is made up of 4 or more planets or points all squaring (90 degrees) or opposing (180 degrees) each other. In this instance it sun moon pluto uranus and north/south nodes. This is very similar to the patterns in the sky in April 2014 (see post on 10th April 2014).

“The grand cross consists of 4 planets pulling in different directions. It signifies obstacles, resistance and hindrances, but also a dynamic and insistent force for transformation that needs to be used. It fosters an extraordinary ability to be self reliant yet also co- operative with others…… Pluto is in Capricorn encouraging us to be in charge of  our life structures, and unleashing the high achiever in us. Uranus is in Aries motivating us to initiate our own personal revolution…….The Cardinal signs are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.They represent the 4 elements, Fire Water, Air and Earth and are known as the cross of matter in astrology. They are associated to the 4 directions. Cardinal represents leadership qualities, are pro active, and represent the ability to act directly and decisively. They are pioneering and like to initiate change…..”

The above quote from the April 10th post summarises the similarities to that time. The difference now is we are not compelled to action as acutely. The focus is on our needs and relating and emotional patterns in general. To let go of what we are clinging to from the past that blocks us manifesting our dreams and desires. It is an uncomfortable time emotionally, intense and disruptive emotions may surface. We may get to revisit decisions or actions we made in January and April 2014. This gives us a chance to see the consequences and impact of our choices.

This series of patterns in the sky help activate our desire to grow in both our personal life and our contribution to the collective. In between these strong patterns we get a chance to integrate and incorporate new insights we may have had. Here is an opportunity to balance our needs with our duties. Chiron, the healer is trine to this full moon. Chiron represents the most sensitive parts of us. This gives us an outlet as things reach a crisis point, we can focus on accepting and healing what comes up with as much grace as we can muster! Let’s not get stuck in having to be right, don’t let unresolved old emotions turn to resentment. Are your emotional responses coming from some old default setting?? We are being prevailed upon to take notice of all this! Happy Cancer Full Moon!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.16.50 pm

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.52.09 PM


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