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Uranus and Pluto Epic Stand Off 2012- 2015


Irresistible force meets immovable object!

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This combination of planets…… rebellious, freedom- loving, anti-establishment URANUS making a 90 degree angle to ruthless, transformative, power loving PLUTO. This has been in operation since 2012, we are all aware of the magnitude of events that have been occurring globally. If anyone had been living as though they were asleep, the events of the last 3 years should have woken them up. This is a major Paradigm shift, challenging us to look at our values, both in our personal life as well as in public life. We live in extreme times, we are seeing some of the best and worst things that humans can do.

The last part of the 20th century brought in many accelerated changes in technology and other fields. This has widened the gap between the old ways of doing things and the new.

The question is, do we have the courage and fortitude to participate in the public dialogue of our respective countries as well as in global issues? Some people say they are not political, but by the ancient greek definition, we live in a “polis” what we do is political. Most things we do have political outcomes: the consumer goods we buy, the power we use (eg: solar, electric, gas, cow dung) or the company we work for to name just a few examples.

Free speech protest in Paris

Free speech protest in Paris

On another level we are being called to be more daring in the choices we make in our lives. The combination of these energies can help us overturn the (internal) status quo, and take charge of our lives. This is time for RADICAL (uranus) TRANSFORMATION (pluto). We’ve had plenty of time to reflect about what we want, now it’s time to be pro- active! Can we bring in some fundamental changes that will allow us to activate our dreams, be more authentic, and use our talents and skills to create the life we aspire to? Uranus in Aries can be seen as the Hero’s Journey/ Shero’s Journey. The one who loses herself in the dark forest, fights or befriends demons and comes out of the adventure renewed and empowered. We are all meant to be pioneers now.

Uranus and Pluto represent forces coming up from our depths, individually and collectively. We cannot stick our heads in the sand and pretend this is not happening.

Australian protesters sending a message to Prime Minister Abbott for refusing to include climate change in the G20 agenda 2014.

Australian protesters sending a message to Prime Minister Abbott for refusing to include climate change in the G20 agenda 2014.

Opting out and mesmerising ourselves with more consumer products is no longer an option without it negatively impacting  our planet and ourselves. The challenge now is taking responsibility for how we live, as well as being responsible for one another. Can we each be an agent for change?

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Uranus  in Aries represents major upheavals; evolutionary change; radical individualism; military aggression; highly volatile energies; breakthroughs in

technological and scientific innovations; extreme militant activities; erratic drives; impulsive actions; sudden revolution; reinvent our individuality; courageous and creative spark.

Seen at various civil rights protests.

Seen at various civil rights protests.

Pluto in Capricorn represents the dark side of Authority; battle over natural resources; debt issues; financial fraud; true meaning of wealth; transformation of power; globalisation; billionaires getting richer; elimination or domination of hierarchy; corruption in institutions, governments and corporations.

This Uranus/Pluto cycle relates back to 1965/66 when they combined their energies to stir up the civil rights movement, the anti- war movement, the sexual revolution, and the rise of influence of youth culture on mass media. The issues that were debated then, that took seed and sprouted in the collective conscious/ unconscious are now ready to be harvested. African american civil rights for example has had people out in the streets protesting against the structural inequality in the judicial system and in law enforcement.

Joshua Lott/ Getty Images

Joshua Lott/ Getty Images

It’s time for an evolution in collective consciousness which can only happen if we each awaken in our journey. The default mass consensus that has been the operating system in the west no longer works. Our comfort zones, personally and en mass has been blown apart.

There is a new framework and understanding coming through. What is being asked of us is so new we are still learning how to do/ be it. Our personal evolution is tied up with the collective evolution. Despite the extreme descriptions above of pluto and uranus, they also represent the elimination of hypocrisy and double standards, which is very much needed. These times are unnerving but also exciting. We are called to envision a new future, to have faith in ourselves and others: and most of all in life. Are we willing to face our fears, open our hearts and co-create this new framework to live by?

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