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New Moon in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde

New moon 0 degrees Aquarius Jan 20/21st

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In January and February this year we have two  new moons in  the sign of aquarius, this doesn’t  happen very  often. The first one is on the 20th  Jan and is a Super Moon, meaning it’s closer  than usual to the earth.  Zero degrees indicates  new  beginnings, time to  let go of old stuff and  old  feelings. Time to  focus on seeding new  ideas, visions and goals. The second aquarius  new  moon is on the 18th Feb.

This new moon cycle encourages us to BE the  change we want to see. Aquarius stands for:  being more humanitarian, working for the  common good, going about things in a grass  roots way. It promotes more inclusiveness less  exclusive ways. It highlights team work,  promotes unconventional thinking and approaches to life. It supports building community and sharing resources more fairly.

On a personal note it beckons us to be more visionary, inventive, original in our approach to life. Also in our self expression, we can be more in touch with our uniqueness and worry less if we stand out or what others think. Can we be strong enough to follow our dreams and not seek approval?

This is a good time to set our intentions, listen for any intuitive flashes, we need to tune into our ideals and visions. This is a good time to bring in new fresh energies, projects and goals.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 12.35.17 PM

It’s time for Mercury to go retrograde again.


MPicture 9_5ercury slows down on the 20th january then  turns  retrograde on the 21st. It will be  retrograde till  the 11th february. As  mentioned in the June 17th 2014 post, it’s a    good time to slow down and  reflect, contemplate,

It is not full steam ahead time, some projects  and ideas may take off, but there may be  delays and hold ups on the way.

Retrogrades in general are about taking time  out from the external world and going inward.  This period of time is about retreating,  reviewing, reassessing, reflecting and repairing. Mercury/ Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods. (check out the wings on the feet). Mercury rules transport trade, commerce and on a personal level, intellect and logic. It’s about communication, learning, curiosity and the cognitive process. It’s connected to how we process information coming through our senses and how we make sense of things. When retrograde it’s associated with technical difficulties (computers + phones), transport and communication delays, misunderstandings and general confusion. It’s also not a good time to sign contracts or make major purchases. This is all true, but on a deeper level it is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate our thinking process, how we talk to others, and how we make decisions.  The purpose is to get more clarity and insights. Review any important decisions we may have made recently. So don’t be frustrated if things don’t flow into place, take a breath and enjoy the slower pace, it’s just a few weeks! Finish projects that you have already started, making sure you don’t overlook the details.

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