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2nd New Moon in Aquarius 18/19th Feb 2015

                                     Our 2nd chance to envision Aquarian Dreams and Goals!

New moon 3

The New Moon is at the last possible degree and minute of Aquarius 29 degrees 59 minutes. This signifies a period of endings and new beginnings. Let things pass out of your life that seems to be going that way. This is our 2nd chance to seed some visions and goals associated with Aquarius. The last degree is the zenith, the concentrated energy of the sign, the culmination of all the qualities.

Creating a lifestyle that allows us as much freedom as possible; volunteering or doing humanitarian work; building and supporting our community; envisioning our ideal life and our ideal society; being concerned with social justice; bringing innovation and originality in whatever we do; being inclusive; being more authentic to our true self and not caring what people think; and giving everyone a fair go. These are all associated with Aquarius.

As mentioned before new moon represents new beginnings, so this is a fabulous time to seed your intentions. This lunation is aspecting Neptune and Saturn, asking us to include our dreams and ideals in what we seed, but also challenging us to work on the gap between our dreams and reality. The sun and moon move into Pisces minutes after the full moon adding a piscean dreamy energy to this new moon.
Picture 22_2



Picture 23

Aquarius is plugged into innovative ideas (eg TED talks), unique breakthroughs, an experimental approach to things and THINKING OUTSIDE THE SQUARE. What is your intuition telling you? This is a chance to break the mould. Group projects, brainstorming solutions, and new connections and friendships are all favoured.
imagesThere is an underlying intensity to this new moon as it is occurring at the midpoint of the Uranus/ Pluto square that has been operating since 2012. This duo has been about radical transformation,upsetting the inner status quo and challenging our beliefs about what is possible. There is a new framework of understanding coming through us, it’s all about our interconnectedness. Together Pluto and Uranus represent REVOLUTIONARY RADICAL TRANSFORMATION! We have all been feeling it, these past 3 years have not been the time to drag our heels in and resist change. This is a time that fosters being daring, innovative, resourceful,bringing new understanding to wealth and power. Refer to Jan 18 2015 post

So this is an opportunity to integrate, balance and apply what we have been learning in the last 3 years.

Don’t forget to write a wish list for this new moon, or you can make a vision board if that inspires you.
Let’s celebrate and embody our Authentic Self!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.17.31 PM



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