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Venus and mars fusing in fiery Aries.


Since Saturday the 21st feb these two planets have been summoning us to be bolder and more daring. This influence lasts till the 25th feb. This combo generates a lot of magnetism and charisma. Romance, sex and passion is in the air! 

Aries is a dynamic sign, it’s action oriented, competitive, impulsive, courageous, decisive, independent, enthusiastic, forceful, spontaneous and direct. Venus and Mars meeting here encourages us to be more adventurous in romance. The allure of the chase in attracting a lover is highlighted. Aries can give us confidence to be ourselves and follow our desires. “What is it that you want?” Venus and Mars are asking. These planets in aries express themselves directly….. the fire is ignited…. do you want to play? It can be love/lust at first sight! Any romance started at this time has a good chance to last as saturn in sagittarius is there to support a longer commitment.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it carries strong and vital life force. Apart from romance it is a good time to initiate new projects at this time. There’s plenty of enthusiasm and energy to tap into.


This Nike campaign is a perfect Aries slogan!!

The beauty about aries is that it is an uncomplicated sign, it knows what it wants and is always questing something! Especially a noble vision! It’s very goal oriented and is very impatient with holdups. To add to it’s charms it has a touch of naivety about it.

Ram 2

  •  Like the ram aries is on the move and loves to butt heads! It loves being competitive, loves being first and winning, thrives with a challenge and is very enterprising. They make good business people, ideas people, athletes, explorers. One thing is for sure they are the pioneers in whatever field they are in.
  • Famous Aries People

Maya Angelou                            Jane Goodall

Samuel Beckett                   William Wordsworth

Vincent Van Gogh              Wangari Maathai

Leonardo de Vinci              Harry Houdini

Isak Dinesen                        Abraham Maslow

Charlie Chaplin                   Simone Signoret

Bette Davies                         Giacomo Casanova



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