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Virgo Full Moon 5th March

Full Moon in Virgo/ Sun in Pisces
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Virgo loves to bring order out of chaos, loves routine, systems and being practical. This Full Moon brings with it the urge to purge and cleanse, physically and emotionally. It’s a great time to start a cleansing diet or spring clean your home. The Virgo/Pisces axis is all about mind/body polarity.
With Chiron and Pluto lending a helping hand, we are encouraged to do some deep healing. Our sensitivities and hurts are spotlighted. Any processes and rituals that we do now will help regenerate our body, mind and soul.

More about Virgo:
It is ruled by Mercury, so it loves to think about things and analyse them. Virgo at it’s best is the master craftsman/woman, loving the process of learning and practicing till they have perfected it. They focus on details and can be nit picking, things that are not quite right get their attention. This is because they are inclined to always improve themselves, their environment, work and relationships. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they are conscientious and productive and exacting. The difficulty part is accepting the “imperfections” of being a human being and allowing things or people to just be as they are. This is where Pisces comes in ………. the great allowers of the zodiac!

Pisces is the ‘go with the flow’ energy, let’s things be and trusts in a higher purpose. At it’s best pisces is compassionate, sensitive, non judgemental, inclusive, devotional and knows how to surrender. On the negative side, they can be psychically porous, lose a sense of boundaries, be escapists when the going gets tough and become overwhelmed by their emotions. So these signs need each other to keep themselves balanced.

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So with this full moon we have the opportunity to balance practical needs with spiritual ones. We can focus on re organising our systems like our files and our storage areas. We can also observe how we process information and beliefs in our minds (self reflection). To balance all that we need to spend time with the softest most vulnerable part in us. Just being with it without fixing it, over identifying, or defending it. In this secluded subtle state we may get a chance to experience a glimpse of the Divine. Happy Virgo Full Moon!


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3 replies

  1. Very well explained! Thank you Mathilde

  2. aha…I have been feeling the affects of this full moon!

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