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Here is the final blast of Uranus Pluto square!

This is the strongest influence of our time.



At last we are at the 7th and final blast of the Uranus/Pluto square that has been in operation since 2012. This is an intense and powerful combo, the energy pattern they create signifies the MONUMENTAL changes that are bursting to come through the collective. But also all the resistance that is blocking it!

Uranus and Pluto are transpersonal planets that provoke change in our lives. Even though they are not personal planets, they affect us very strongly emotionally. The purpose is to grow in consciousness , to become aware of the patterns in our thoughts and behaviour that create limitations and suffering. It is now time to act on new insights we might of had in the last 3 years. Did some of our illusions become apparent? Has anything been wiped away out of our lives? Have we had any illumination about how and where we are stuck? Have we examined our values and motivations? Have we opened our minds to new perspectives?



One of the challenges has been how do we capitalise on our known strengths while exploring + experimenting with finding new ones. The old and the new, how do we integrate these two aspects harmoniously, so our lives can be more authentic and meaningful?

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener, as the planet of revolution it can liberate and revitalise us. It’s very freedom loving and has a touch of the Trickster about it! There can be reversals of fortune, it’s best to expect the unexpected! There is also a genius quality about Uranus, it brings in innovations and breakthroughs in technology and science. All this comes with a whole lot of disruption that’s unsettling and shocking.

Pluto is about POWER (how it’s used and misused).It rules the process of Transformation and Regeneration, of course the breaking down phase has to happen before Renewal can occur. It can be subversive and destructive, it highlights where in life we are operating  under illusion(bullshitting ourselves!) It can strip away what we hold onto tightly whether it’s people or situations. Despite it’s fierceness, once we have relinquished CONTROL, we are enriched by the experience and get to glimpse our gold. Which was hiding all along in our shadow. Think of the shadow as all the bits we don’t like or don’t want to know about ourselves.

A brief look at some of the social/political unrest that have been sparked by Pluto/ Uranus aspects. They can work together to expose corruption in governments, institutions and corporations. Or at their worst they can incite extreme and fanatical movements, ruthless “power grabs” by dissenting groups or powerful interests and organisations.
The Beatles

Paris in the 60's

1965-66 Pluto conjunct (next to) Uranus
The Civil Rights Movement and the resistance to it, the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement, the Sexual Revolution, the rise of Youth Culture and it’s power to influence Mass Culture, especially through music and the visual arts and film.
Bob Dylan      images-5

1932-34 Pluto square (90 degrees)Uranus
Political and social upheavals: The great depression at it’s worst, the rise of dictators and extremism, Hitler became chancellor of Germany, the invention of the atomic bomb.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression

1820-21 Pluto square Uranus
Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica won their independence from their colonists.

Mural by Diego Rivera

Mural by Diego Rivera

 The intensity that has been around in the last 3 years can’t be overstated.

2012-15 Pluto square Uranus
# A quantum leap in awareness of the degradation of our planet environmentally.With a strong focus on global warming, controlling co2 emissions, the impact of    pesticides and the impact of our individual / collective footprint.

# Civil rights movement in the US sparked by fatal shootings of unarmed African American men including Michael Brown and Eric Garner. This highlighted the racial disparity that is in the law enforcement and judicial systems.

# The epic fight for the freedom of the internet by grass roots groups dedicated to keep this powerful tool in the hands of the majority of people. (Unlike other media that are owned by the few and push agendas that suit the 1 percent)

# The rise of ISIL (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) and Boko Haram, these are “islamic” terrorist movements from the Middle East and Nigeria.

# Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, this is a “trade deal” between countries bordering the pacific and corporations -big banking, pharmaceuticals and big tobacco. This is being negotiated in great secrecy, the details are not even known to most of the governments involved. This will undermine the sovereignty of countries and is designed to give corporations unlimited power.

# US National Security Agency’s surveillance program Prism being exposed by the leaks of Edward Snowdon.

Edward Snowdon

Edward Snowdon

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

Net Neutrality Activists

Net Neutrality Activists

As stated before, see post from January 18th 2015, we are being coerced and commanded to wake up and eliminate the behaviours that keep us stuck, repeating self destructive and limiting patterns. This applies to us personally and collectively. How do we want to be remembered by future generations?

Let’s give it our best despite all the negativity and over whelming odds. Each of us can make a difference.

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  1. Amazing post. Good work Mathilde

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  2. Mathilda you (and this post) are incredible! Powerful stuff.

  3. Thank you Barbra, hope it’s useful.

  4. Powerful reading, powerful times! One can sense the changes ! Great time for introspection then action! Thanks Mathilda! Great time to have a personal reading~! Seize the moment, day, month etc…!

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