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Blood Full Moon in Libra is a Total Lunar Eclipse Today!

What a potent time! This Eclipse set’s off the intense Pluto/Uranus aspects that have been testing us since 2012. Are you restless and wanting to run away? Are you getting your ass kicked by life? Are your relationship issues magnified? Are people and situations falling out of your life? These are some of the possible themes that can be occurring.

annular-solar-eclipse 1

Total Eclipses are opportunities to become more aware and go deeply into the issues that are jumping up into our face trying to get our attention. It could be that situations or people are passing out of our lives. Blood eclipses occur when the earth lines up between the moon and the sun, creating a shadow which is red/brown.

Think of eclipses as portals to access some of the content of your unconscious. What has been hidden or unwanted gets revealed! It can bring a crisis situation to a head.This being a Libran moon it highlights our one to one connections, friendships, lovers, husbands, wives, business partners, even our therapist. If you have sublimated any feelings of resentment or anger about giving too much and not receiving your “fair share” it will blow up at this time. Or maybe someone is feeling this towards you. There’s nothing soft or subtle about this process it’s more like a jolt, or like having the rug pulled out from under you!

This full moon is associated with Easter which symbolises death, resurrection and renewal. It is also associated with the Theravadin Buddhist New Year, celebrated in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Lao, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Picture 14_4

Aries:fiery , visionary, forceful, direct, independent,
impulsive, ability to act decisively, self oriented, pioneering




Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.49.27 PM






The sun @ 14 degrees in Aries is rocking up to add it’s power to wilful Uranus and make a 90 degree angle (square) to coercive Pluto. Lightweight libra moon which needs to keep the peace doesn’t stand a chance! Something has to give, or someone has to give up or give in! Rebellion and reaction is in the air. It’s just too much pressure to just keep it all down. Mercury is there with sun and uranus so we may come up with new solutions to old problems. There is also a lovely trine (120 degrees) from Jupiter in Leo just to add some joy and lightness to it all. Also add some expansiveness and excess energy as well!

Two weeks ago there was a solar eclipse which was an opportunity to set new patterns, this is the next phase in the endings and beginnings that may have started then. There is a connection with whatever was going on last easter too. There was another Blood Lunar eclipse last April (2014) with Uranus and Pluto and more planets involved, it was very dynamic and shook us all up. (See post for April 15 2014). As you can see there have been common themes for the last few years that have been heightened.

Picture 17

Libra: co operation, diplomatic, indecisive, sociable, seeks balance, refined, desire to please, mediator, negotiator













It’s time to be fully aware of the thoughts and beliefs that keep us in bondage to limiting and destructive behaviour to others. Libra, Aries and Capricorn are all Cardinal signs…. so this is a call to action. We need to DO something about all these issues being highlighted.
With Uranus vamping up the potency of this eclipse and pluto adding it’s distinct brand of intensity, we can look forward to things shifting big time!








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