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Time to take Action!!

New Moon in Aries 18th April 2015

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Aries has an “act now- think later” approach to life. It’s an energetic innovative fire sign that loves a challenge. This sign has raw and restless energy. Like all fire signs (leo and sagittarius) it has enormous faith and trust in life. Aries energy and new moons are all about new beginnings.

This is a great time to get unstuck…. it is THE time to get unstuck!
Aries represents: enthusiasm, spontaneity, motivation, unconditional joy, excitement, wilful, follow the hunch that grabs you, be self reliant, take risks, independent, blunt, direct.

It’s time to ACT on new ideas or goals that we’ve envisioned but have been sitting on. Now is the time to start implementing them. Aries can be criticised for being selfish, uncompromising and wanting things their own way. But what we all can learn from Aries is that they have the courage to be themselves unapologetically. They stick to their integrity and authenticity courageously. And don’t give a damn what others think! This makes them pioneers in many fields, including science, the arts, motivational speaking and social activism.
Ram 2

Aries is a quintessential Cardinal sign, meaning it has drive and ambition and likes to get things done. They are enterprising creative and independent. It’s difficult to keep this energy in, it’s meant to be expressed. You may get headaches or migraines if you hold it in as aries rules the head.

New moon 3




Picture 14_4








Don’t fluff about or procrastinate, it’s time to take action.


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