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Mercury retrograde May/June 2015

Time to reflect

Evelyn de Morgan 1870-73

Evelyn de Morgan 1870-73

Mercury retrograde occurs three times (sometimes four) a year. It slows down, appears to stop and go backwards. ‘Appears’ is the key word here, as this movement is an illusion. No planet stops or goes backward in their orbit around the sun. It appears that way because of the different speeds of the planets from the perspective on earth. All planets go retrograde except the sun and the moon. Mercury does it the most often.

Mercury rules transport, trade, communication (personal and systems), travel, technology, contracts, mail, shipping, negotiation. These are all the areas affected by retrograde periods. This retrograde period started on May 18th and goes till June 11. But in actuality the affect starts when Mercury passes the degree it will return to. And finishes when it gets to the degree it reached before changing direction. This is called the shadow period.  This means that the influence lasts 8 weeks not 3 weeks. Though the strongest part is when the planet is actually retrograde, in this case its may 18th – June 11th.
The influence of this current retrograde is from the 4th May till 27th June.










Mercury's Caduceus

Mercury’s Caduceus











Meaning of Retrogrades
Retrogrades in general are about taking time out from the external world and going inward. This period of time is about retreating, reviewing, reassessing, reflecting and repairing. It represents a time to slow down, go internal and catch up with ourself. The purpose is to get more clarity and insights. Also review any important  decisions we may have made recently.

It is common to read that mercury retrograde is not a good time to sign contracts, buy airline tickets or start negotiations. It is true, but sometimes we have no choice with timing, at least you know that decisions made at this time may need to be reworked at a later time.

If you have been sitting on an idea, this could be a good time to review it and bring them to light. It may also be an opportunity to connect with our intuition deeply. Our perceptions may be more sensitive, altering our awareness and allowing us to see things differently. There may be solutions that we did not see before. In other words mercury retrograde may allow us to get in touch with our ingenuity! Maybe even surprise our selves with what we KNOW.



Check January 20th 2015 post and June 17th 2014 post for more retrograde info.


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