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Sagittarius Full Moon June 2nd 2015
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This is a time of strong mental pressure with an urge to act out!

Sagittarius represents the desire to find meaning in life through exciting new adventures, exploring the unknown and expanding the horizon. Sagittarius energy loves anything foreign, exotic and different. This includes an attraction for the outdoors, a love of big open spaces, there’s an element of wildness about this sign. It doesn’t like to follow rules, it’s really the sign of the maverick, the wanderer, the Truth Seeker!

This full moon on 2nd of June at 12 degrees Sag is highlighting issues that have been around for the last couple of weeks. Things we may have felt anxious about (Neptune square Mars + Mercury) or things that may have been misrepresented or unclear. This will be a chance to see more of the big picture, yet things will not be completely clear for still some time.

Looking for Magical Opportunities

Despite this, there are some wonderful aspects to this lunation, both Jupiter and Uranus make positive feel good connections. We can get inspired to broaden our perspective and our goals. There is a call to adventure and innovation, we can feel excited by the possibilities of the new. We can access the sagittarian optimism and faith. We may feel like we are ready to take on anything! Maybe even feel a bit invincible! Like all fire signs, Sagittarius is future oriented, always looking for the potential in things


Unknown Persian Artist 18th Century via Welcome Images

Unknown Persian Artist 18th Century via Welcome Images

Remember, full moon is a time when things come to a peak, it’s a highly charged time ( including the days leading up to it). In some cases things may get worse before they get better as this is a complicated full moon, it is strongly imbued with contradictions.
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Beware of wanting to rescue someone, or wanting to be rescued. There may also be a strong urge to escape if things get too tough. But despite that, this is a good time to uncover any delusions we may have been living with. It’s time to be honest with ourself and discover the truth of whatever situation that has been troubling us. This won’t be instant, we may have to work at it (full moon conjunct Saturn) clarity may be elusive till Mercury returns to the degree it was before it went retrograde on the 28th June.
There may be a tendency to overcommit to projects, taking on too much or setting unrealistic deadlines. Don’t be fooled by ‘too good to be true’ projects, make sure you know what you are committing yourself to.

The point now is to stay open to life, envision your dreams and goals despite any uncertainty or anxiety. Keep the faith, do things that inspire you and get your juices going. Sagittarius moon is a very idealistic urge, you will not want to make do with any circumstance that is restricting you and making you unhappy. Listen to what your intuition is saying and TRUST that things will unfold in time. The trick will be to combine all the energies trying to get our attention. It would be good to have a plan with set goals that you want to achieve (Gemini). Make sure it includes some expansion of your life, exploring new territory and looking at where you are heading in life(Sagittarius). It needs to be coloured by your dreams (Neptune) yet include practical steps as to how to get there (Saturn). I didn’t say it was going to be easy!!!

It’s a big ask, but amazingly all these planets are lined up to support our efforts, entreating us to use the available energy to the best of our ability. Happy Sagittarius Full Moon to all.

Ourense_Museo_Catedral via Wiki Commens

via Wiki Commens




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  1. Gracias Mathilde!!! love your insights i always find them so helpful xxxz

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