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Gemini New Moon June 16th 2015 


It’s a good time to conceive Brilliant New Grand Ideas!!!

Gemini. Coloured engraving by S. Hall via Creative Commons  Credit: Wellcome Library

Gemini. Coloured engraving by S. Hall
via Creative Commons
Credit: Wellcome Library

New Moon represents new beginnings, so this is a fabulous time to seed your intentions, especially those to do with anything ruled by Gemini. For example: bringing an idea to reality, attracting new clients, increasing our social circle or studying something new. This new moon in Gemini brings clarity and an urge to take a chance, initiate a project or idea that is close to our heart.

Mercury/ Hermes

Mercury/ Hermes

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is all about the quest for knowledge and the joy of sharing it.
It’s quick thinking, versatile, curious, observant, social, responsive, restless. These qualities describe this new moon as well as this time of year. We may feel restless (mentally and physically), energetic or /and rumbustious as Mars is dominating this lunation. It’s important to find an outlet such as physical exercise or debating or having a really stimulating discussion!! We may feel free to say what we have wanted to say for a while but have felt restraint. Remember to be mindful as mars can loosen our tongues and we may end up regretting what we said or how we said it. Strong opinions and arguments will abound.

Mars is creative/destructive force, depending on how we use it. It’s the vitality of pure desire without judgement. Positive Mars is passionate, courageous, direct, has initiative, assertive and motivated. Negative mars is forceful, domineering, aggressive, selfish, insensitive and abrasive.

'The book of birth of Iskandar"  Wellcome Library, London.            c.1411        Creative Commons

‘The book of birth of Iskandar”
Wellcome Library, London.
Creative Commons

It’s now time we use the knowledge and insights that we have gained while Pluto and Uranus have been challenging us (since 2012) to advance our projects, ideas and skills. It’s time to ACT! It’s time to be BOLD!

Here are some ways we can use this powerful mercurial new moon to advance our cause…
# start a new website (or revamp an existing one)
# start a new course of study that get your juices going
# join a new club/association, meet new people
# join a new social media site
# dust down old ideas/dreams you’ve had on hold and give them new life
# brainstorm new ideas and goals with a supportive friend
# share your ideas on relevant forums on the net or at conferences
# do some exciting research
# challenge your own ideas and beliefs
# broaden your social circle, network, network, network!
# decide to do that postgrad study that you have been thinking about
# do an adult education course even if you are intimidated and have never done any study before

Mercury's Caduceus

Mercury’s Caduceus









Jupiter and Uranus lend a helping hand adding excitement and unpredictability as well as an urge for experimentation and taking risks. Opportunities abound full of benefits and good fortune.
Chiron is in this new moon equation too, reminding us to not be insensitive to others as we are emboldened to take action.The challenge: Can we tune into the ideas that want to come through us?
Can we be their midwives? Bring them to physical life, nourish and look after them so they can be….books, records, inventions, films, businesses, adventurous travel, new professions, beautiful gardens, new lifestyles… or whatever your heart/mind desires!





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