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New Moon in Cancer 15/16th July 2015


New Moon in Cancer is Super Charged and Cram-Packed with Energy, Challenges and Healing!



Cancer New Moon is an invitation to align ourselves to the most intimate personal part of our life. Get set for a tidal wave of emotion. If you have been stuffing your emotions down – the intense configuration of planets involved are guaranteed to stir things up! Navigating close to the sun and moon are Mercury and Mars in Cancer also. This means emotion combines with high energy. Pluto in Capricorn is opposite the Mercury Mars conjunction. Look out it’s purge time! Along comes uranus to the equation and we can expect the unexpected. The worst way to handle this is to have angry outbursts at people.

Anger, unexpressed feelings, and resentments are likely to surface. They will need to be released and handled with sensitivity, easier said than done!


Some things Cancer represents:

# longing for home and a sense of belonging
# our sense of security and intimate connection
# our feelings for family and roots and loyalty to them
# the ebb and flow of life
# the giving and receiving of nourishment

The Moon represents The Great Mother, the personal mother, the womb, the ocean, water… where all life starts. It is our INSTINCTIVE emotional nature, our needs and the relationship to our bodies.

Uranus and Pluto conspire to bring up unfinished emotional issues. What are the roots to the anger or dissatisfaction that you may have been feeling? Are there things or conditions that you may have accepted that don’t sit well with you? It’s a good time to review this. It’s an opportunity to get things off our chest and own up to our feelings. The process is uncomfortable and challenging.


Time to spring clean our emotional nature and be aware of how it operates through us. Are we in touch with it? Do we channel it or does it come bursting through us? Do we defend our feelings with our lives without really knowing if they are current to us now? Do we need to update them? Do issues from the past come crashing into current situations? It’s pretty hard to avoid the truth now, we are being entreated to go with it and EMOTIONALLY DETOX.

Pluto opposite Mars and Mercury is very fierce, it’s important not to let our insecurities hold us back. Best to use this planetary combination by being BRUTALLY HONEST with ourselves about the state of internal affairs. Don’t blame others, keep the focus on ourself. Take responsibility for how we feel. There is plenty of healing and compassion available with the help of Neptune and Chiron, who are both making harmonious aspects to the planets in Cancer.

Picture 13_4

So make the New Moon wish list, which may include: honouring our feelings, nourishing ourselves and others, decide to meet our own emotional needs, a better understanding of what we need (emotionally) to feel secure.

New Moons are times for a fresh start, let’s release what’s clogging up our energy/ emotional channels and fearlessly step into the new! Happy Cancer New Moon everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.00.43 PM




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  1. So a great time to move house and be grateful for what we have??!! Love it Mathilde XXXXXZ

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