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Full Blue Moon in Aquarius July 31st 2015

Aquarius Full Blue Moon
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This is the second full moon in July, hence the name Blue Moon. This occurs every 2 or 3 years, the next one will be in January 2018.

Full Moons can be experienced as a peak of prevailing energies, often our best learning can come through encounters with other people. This full moon in in Aquarius, the sign associated these qualities:
Independence, originality, innovative, idealistic, community minded and future oriented. The paradox with aquarius is that even though it likes doing it’s own thing (some are even loners) it is also the sign most connected to groups. All kinda of groups, friends, associates, coworkers, volunteer groups, environment groups etc.


Energies have been building up in the last few days, though the usual highly charged energies that lead to full moons have been toned down somewhat due to SIX planets all retrograde. So with this as the backdrop we are meant to be in a contemplating, reviewing time. Pluto, Neptune Chiron, Uranus, Venus and Saturn have all teamed up to persuade us to really take a look at all we’ve learnt in the last six months or so.

Meaning of Retrogrades
Retrogrades in general are about taking time out from the external world and going inward. This period of time is about retreating, reviewing, reassessing, reflecting and repairing. It represents a time to slow down, go internal and catch up with ourself. The purpose is to get more clarity and insights. Also review any important  decisions we may have made recently.

Back to this full moon, moon in aquarius, sun in leo. What they have in common: creative, individualistic, enthusiastic and future oriented. The difference: Leo loves the limelight, being a leader, shining out. Aquarius is an air sign, known for it’s unconventional style, is community minded, likes to see the big picture and find solutions to social problems.

These 2 signs do have contrasts but are quite complimentary, can we be loyal to ourselves AND the group? Can we have the courage (leo) and vision (aquarius) to pursue and develop our dreams and self expression so we may give the best of ourselves to our community/ society/ families? Of course we can, it’s what the uranus/pluto square that took place from 2012-2015 was all about. This is the time to apply it, but not before we do the reflecting and reviewing this period is entreating us to.
Saturn goes direct soon (sunday 2nd august) it has been retrograde since March. It’s in the last few degrees of Scorpio, allowing us one last look at our fears and anxieties. We’ve had plenty of time to familiarise ourselves with them. We have till 19th September, roughly 7 weeks to finish purging them, cleansing or eliminating them! After that saturn enters Sagittarius, and it’s a whole different story! (More on Saturn in Sagittarius in another post).


One last thing saturn is making a square (90 degree angle) to jupiter in leo… this has been building up the tension in the psychic airwaves. Jupiter is about freedom and expansion, Saturn about structure and status quo. So the theme is balancing stability/safety with freedom/expansion. So incorporating these energies means  planned, structured growth that gives us plenty of room to expand. What a challenge!

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