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The Outer Planets and the Aquarian Age

In the Aquarian Age we are our own saviour!


Leaving behind the Pisces Age (circa from Christ’s time for approximately 2,000 years) we no longer need an external saviour. We don’t need to be victims and we don’t have to be rescued. The Cosmos wants us to know that we have choices. Where do we choose to place our awareness, are we even choosing or are we on automatic pilot? Are we operating on default settings? Have we inspected our beliefs or scrutinised our motivations?

We need to be observers, acquiring the air sign qualities (aquarius) of objectivity. We need to keep company with the eternal wise part of ourselves. It’s time to go for a quality of presence that’s never been there before. Or that has been there right from the beginning but we have forgotten.















These are the Questions that are asked by the outer planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto. Through their different paths and processes they take us to the places deep within where answers may be experienced. Note the answers are not FOUND they are lived through the intention and dedication to awareness and evolution. In the last three years we have had Uranus and Pluto in a challenging aspect to each other (90 degree angle). We have been pulled out of our comfort zone and have felt the strong urge for change on a very fundamental level.


Pluto and Persephone

Pluto and Persephone





Pluto, the powerful transformer cajoles through the fires of death and rebirth, desire obsession and elimination. It strips us of our illusions and exposes our delusions.



Neptune, the planet of Divine Love, lures us into the path of  surrender, release, transcendence and   forgiveness. It’s about emotional attunement with our soul.










Uranus, the planet of Revolution, awakens us through disruption, liberates us from our attachments so we can be innovative and original.

All three processes involve the courage to leave behind what is known and safe and to venture into unchartered territories. Like in myths when our hero/shero enters the forest and the adventure begins. This involves danger and the unknown.

Are we willing to allow ourselves to be that vulnerable? Are we prepared to explore who we can be? These outer planets are here to assist. They lure, encourage, cajole, coerce, trick, tantalise, inspire and activate us. Do we hear/feel the calling? Are we ready and willing to participate? It is not a question of ability, I believe we are all capable.

The question is do we want to?
Are all our wants related to material outcomes?
Do we want to feel stronger spiritually?

Spirituality can be characterised as a quality of presence and awareness within ourselves and with others. It IS the power of awareness and it’s palpable.

In the following weeks I will post a series of articles involving more detail on these planets. It will be an intimate look at the Outer Planets, they are called Transpersonal because these Cosmic forces are beyond our control. Although we can learn to channel and direct them.




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  1. Beautiful writing and presentation, Mathilda!

    Love Jen

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