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Venus the Gift of Love

Venus the Gift of Love




Venus went direct in Leo Sunday 6th September

Venus has been in Leo since 6th of June and will stay till 8th of October. This is an unusual long period for it to be in one sign. It usually spends 3-4 weeks in each sign of the zodiac. Venus retrogrades every 18 months or so. Venus goes direct on sunday 6th September.

Through this period of retrograde we have had ample opportunity to review our relationships,current ones as well as old ones. Unresolved issues from past relationships may have been dredged up. Or we may have felt some delayed progress in our partnerships. Through reviewing, reflecting and revisiting our issues, we may have discovered some  in our awareness.
Our vulnerabilities and insecurities could have been highlighted, helping us to understand ourselves more clearly.

Venus in Leo is dramatic, it’s full of GRAND plans and ideas, it doesn’t do things by half measure, that’s for sure! It likes to be centre of attraction, the more attention the better! Quite the performer, loves to be treated like royalty and is very playful! And to be pampered and adored. Warm hearted, expressive and extravagant… it’s time to loosen our hair and find the courage to love daringly! (Especially after Venus goes direct).













Known by many names:
Venus – Roman Empire
Aphrodite – Ancient Greece
Freya – Scandinavia
Ishtar – Babylon

Other qualities…
This wonderful archetype represents love and our connectedness with one another. It also encompasses our sense of beauty and our values. It rules our finances and our creativity as well as all unions, whether they are love or business partnerships. There is a love for peace and harmony.
Positive qualities: Natural poise, refinement and social grace, strong sense of fairness/justice, tactful, co-operative, good at negotiating and the art of diplomacy.
Negative Qualities: Vain, self centred, superficial, self indulgent, lazy, materialistic, too accommodating.

Venus is our power to attract
Grace and charm ooze out of Very Venusian people! They can magnetise what they want to them. Social aspects of our life, from the casual to the most intimate come under Venus’s realm.

The placement of Venus by sign and house in our charts show how we draw love into our lives and how we show it. here’s a few examples:
Venus in Aries – the thrill of the chase, love as an adventure, happy to be daring
Venus in Taurus – sensuous body love, good food and good wine, comfort and more comfort
Venus in Cancer – nurturing love, sentimental, likes to look after others + be looked after
Venus in Scorpio – the art of seduction, secret thrills,intensity and obsessions, taboos
Venus in Aquarius – open minded, want to be friends with lovers, independent, freedom loving

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt








Venus naturally knows how to pleasure and be pleasured. It’s the ability to indulge the senses.
Pleasure for pleasure’s sake, no excuses or justifications. This can be experienced as taking delight in eroticism. At it’s highest form it’s the ability to take sexuality and sensuality to sacred levels, as in hindu Tantric practices.












RECEPTIVITY – another principle associated with Venus, it’s the ability to be open to experiences, especially in being loved and adored. To embody Venus, we need to feel a sense of worthiness. But it’s not feeling worthy because we have achieved something, it’s our self worth based on our BEING who we are. At the heart of the matter it’s about our lovability.Do we feel loveable and worthy to have what we want?? Another aspect of receptivity is vulnerability, when we open ourselves to love we inevitably feel vulnerable. Do we let ourselves feel this and stay open?

Gustav klimt - The Kiss

Gustav klimt – The Kiss


VALUES – what is it we value in life? Are we honest with ourselves about it? What do we spend our time and money mostly on? This can indicate what we value. What do we not spend our time and money on. For example… we may value our time, possessions, our status, our lifestyle, our peace of mind, our connections with others, our knowledge, our experiences.

Ultimately, venus in Leo is about the pleasure of being alive, a grand passion for life. here is a link to Maya Angelou, who embraced this principle so wonderfully. she is reciting her great poem  “Phenomenal Woman“, it captures Venus in Leo so well…. shining so daringly


Let’s enjoy the next 4 weeks of venus in leo!

botticelli - birth of venus

Botticelli – birth of venus







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