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Virgo Solar Eclipse 13th September 2015

Virgo Eclipse – Shifting the dynamics of our lives

Window from Chatres Cathedral

Window from Chatres Cathedral

Eclipses are a dynamic energy charge, think of them as extra wattage in the airwaves. Things are experienced as more dramatic and stark. As agents for change, they can rejuvenate areas of our lives. There’s pressure that can be felt leading up to the eclipse. It’s time to release things, circumstances or people that have run their course. We know what they are by the pressure that builds and becomes unbearable. Eclipses put things in perspective, what we can control and what we can’t.

Clear out the old and make way for the new.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

At the Solar Eclipse, the moon passes between the earth and the sun, blocking the light either totally or partially. This one is partial. The sun, among many things, represents our conscious self. When the light of the sun is blocked, shadow aspects of ourselves may reveal themselves. This obscuring the light is symbolic of the end of a cycle and of new beginnings. This eclipse will remain active till the next solar eclipse in March 2016 and it’s influence will be felt for 3-4 years. Not all eclipses have the same strength or affect.

This solar eclipse occurs at 21 degrees Virgo, let’s look at what this means:
Virgo: likes to be effective, to organise, analyse, be precise and clear. It’s diligent and hard working, really pays attention to details. Loves being useful and has a strong sense of service as well as having systems and processes for everything. Virgo is also known for it’s perfectionism and high standards. Above all it needs to understand and be understood.

Of course, health, diets and physical wellbeing are of paramount importance for Virgo, it’s all about cleansing and purifying.



Energising a major healing

This new moon is opposite the astroid Chiron (the wounded healer) in pisces. This is a fortuitous time for new insights or perspectives on old issues. Chiron represents the most fragile, sensitive part of us, the part we avidly protect. We may experience revelations, a new take on old wounds. All this may occur through an interaction with someone who triggers a reaction from us. It important to take note of what is behind our reaction, because often it’s a symptom of what needs rectifying.  When planets are in opposition, we can become more aware and objective about ourselves and our issues.

On a practical note, we may feel like spring cleaning our house or our bodies. Re-organising our filing cabinet, or storage cupboard.

Happy Virgo Solar Eclipse, remember to set your goals, make sure they are precise, clear and of a high standard. And that they are useful to you and others.

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  1. Very Precise! Exactly as experienced! Thanks Mathilde

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