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Blood Super Moon Total Eclipse in Aries!

Aries Lunar Eclipse 27/28th September

Ace of Wands - Tarot

Ace of Wands – Tarot

This is a very powerful eclipse. It’s influence will be felt for 5 months or so. It is the 4th and final lunar eclipse in a series of four successive total lunar eclipses called tetrad, they are all 6 months apart. This is not a common occurrence.

There is a lot of superstition about eclipses, we carry it from centuries past. Eclipses are associated with unpredictable energy as well as beginnings and endings. Think of eclipses as portals to access some of the content of your unconscious. What has been hidden or unwanted gets revealed! It can bring a crisis situation to a head.





SUPER MOON means that the moon is closer to the earth than usual. This is due to its rotation and orbit and can be felt as stronger emotions. This is the strongest super moon in 2015. Dr. David Wolf, a former NASA astronaut “Super moons appear 14 percent larger and 33 percent brighter than other full moons.”

LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon.

BLOOD MOON is when the earth casts a shadow over the moon and the light from the sun appears copper reddish as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere.

In all eclipses, light gets obscured, symbolising the need to tune into our instincts. This lunar eclipse is the first full moon in spring for the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere it is known as the Harvest Moon of autumn.

This moon shakes things up!

As mentioned earlier, this lunar eclipse is the 4th in this tetrad, all being total eclipses. They all occurred in the signs of Aries and Libra.

Here are the dates of the previous lunar eclipses:

  • 14/15th April 2014
  • 7/8th October 2014
  • 4th April 2015
  • 27/28th September 2015

This lunar tetrad is epic for all relationships.  These eclipses urge us to take a deep look at our relationships, personal and business. They help reveal what is dysfunctional, outmoded and limiting. The focus is on balancing our personal needs and the needs of the relationship.

Can we be true to ourselves and serve the needs of the partnership?

This is a good opportunity to investigate our beliefs about love. What are our expectations, demands and how do we act when they are not met.

Opportunity to embrace our wholeness

With all these eclipses we have had chances to peak into the “shadow” side of our nature, some of us have had powerful collisions with it! If we can resist fighting or judging it, but instead accepting it as part of our nature, this can lead to wonderful discoveries, that can revitalise us.

Sometimes our energies, strengths, capacities, gifts, aptitude, genius, power can be released when we stop fighting our shadow. We open up to new ways to express our truth and create new dynamics in relating to others. It’s important to let go of ‘ego chatter’ and defensive behaviour. And have courage and faith (both very Aries qualities) to create more wholehearted relationships.

Let’s remember to trust our knowingness and what we have learnt in recent years.

Aries - Chatres

Aries – Chatres

Let’s have a closer look at fiery ARIES

It’s the first sign of the zodiac, it’s the beginning. It’s pure raw life force, it’s the impulse to act and high adrenaline. Here are some qualities associated with Aries:

  • audacity   daring   fearless   heroism   pioneering   pluck   tenacity
  • guts   nerve   dash   spirit   impulse   enterprise   rashness   grit
  • temerity   forceful   direct   independent   motivated

Aries has been associated with the Hero’s Journey, the hero archetype is the part of us that hears the call to adventure. It’s hungry for life and wants to bite big hunks of it! This part of us, and let’s not be mistaken, we all have it, is enticed and wooed by the unknown. Some people appear to be pushed into it, others jump in feet first!  And when it is time for adventure/change/transition the comfort zone becomes less comforting. The birthing process is a good analogy, when the time is right, there are forces larger than us that start the process of expulsion from the most comfy of comfort zones- the womb. That ending is the beginning of the next big adventure.

At certain time in our life we need to rebirth ourselves, be released from old beliefs and old conditioning. It’s the process of the cycle of life, death, decay, fertilisation, gestation, rebirth. Life has a way of letting us know when it’s the right time. And of course astrology is an excellent aid at pin pointing the right time.

I recommend taking the time when you get the chance to watch this video on the Hero’s journey.

Eclipses can be one of the indicators that it’s time.  An essential part of this journey is to die to who we think we are, or at least to an aspect of it. Joseph Campbell has written a lot about this. His book A Hero with a Thousand Faces is an amazing study of this motif across all cultures. They are the stories that grab us the most. The hero/hero gives his/her life to something bigger than him/herself. The above link explains the hero/shero’s journey.

Symbol for Aries

Symbol for Aries







Aries energy is not about being a spectator, it’s all about being a ‘player’, throwing ourselves into life, diving in the deep end. So are you on a hero’s journey? Remember not all heroic journeys are external. Where is it taking you? Is your life pointing in a new direction? Is there some old baggage you need to let go of?

Look to which house this 4 degrees Aries eclipse  falls in your birth chart, that will indicate the area in your life that will receive the most charge.  This may indicate where you need a fresh new start.

Of course for all of us the eclipse deeply activates issues about our relationship to ourself and others, independence, interdependence and co-dependence. Mars the ruler of Aries is just entering Virgo, so we do need to take precise, deliberate action. Action needs to be carefully considered and with plenty of attention to details. This is tricky as it is the antithesis of impatient mars energy.

To add to this, Saturn just newly returned in Sagittarius is making a stressful angle. This combination of energies can be likened to having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the breaks! Saturn for now has a harness on mars, it can’t go galloping ahead being impulsive and thoughtless. So remember to carefully consider consequences to any actions you take.

Saturn does make harmonious aspects to both the sun and moon opposition. So despite any struggles with mars, there are some fabulous energies that will help establish and progress any goals, plans or projects you are involved with. Saturn will help make them more productive and constructive.

This being a full moon, means that the sun is opposite the moon, making it in Libra, so we need to take into account all things Libra. It’s ruled by venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Libra will do anything not to have conflict, or create a scene, nor ruffle any feathers. (On the other hand Aries doesn’t give a damn!) Libra is good at negotiating and consulting, it’s always looking to balance everything out.

So can we ride this high energy eclipse to really enjoy relating to another, and allow our energy to meet and flow harmoniously?

Can we find a new balance in giving and receiving?

In April 2015 there was a new moon in Aries. What did we focus on initiating back then, now we will see if it has developed as hoped for. Is it flourishing? Or is it apparent that it needs adjusting or a major re- haul. Have our priorities change since then?

This is another chance for self-renewal. And along with it, opportunity to recalibrate our relationships.

Happy Aries Eclipse!
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.17.31 PM



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  1. Gr8 stuff Mathilda. I do enjoy reading your interpretations! XXX Kay

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