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Full Moon in Taurus enticing us to delight in all things EARTHY!

Full Moon 3 degrees Taurus 27th Oct 2015

Gustav klimt

Gustav klimt

After a very intense year, characterised by challenging and powerful planetary aspects, this Full Moon is a welcome balm. We can feel more secure and safe in life, with little drama and anxiety. We’ve had our issues stirred, magnified and brought to light! It’s time to consolidate and ground our energies.

More than any other sign, Taurus sees the sacred in the physical. It’s a stable and reliable sign, seeking emotional fulfilment through the senses. With Taurus we slow down and enjoy being in our bodies. As it is ‘ruled’ by Venus; sensuality and beauty very important. Known for relishing great food, wine, sexuality and feasting on visual beauty. Comfort is paramount.

Taurus is a very practical earth sign, focuses on being productive and acquiring resources and possessions. It’s often the sign of the collector. It is concerned with what is tangible. Money is a big issue for Taurus with financial security being a basic necessity.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.37.14 AM





This is the third Super Moon in a row, meaning the moon is closer to the earth and appears bigger and brighter. Full Moons can be experienced as a peak of prevailing energies, often our best learning can come through encounters with other people.

At Full Moon things come to a head; it’s a culmination of energy patterns that have been at play for a while in our life and our psyche. It can be a time of endings, but also a time when things or projects come to fruition. Look to where in your natal chart does 3 degrees Taurus fall, that will indicate where the action will be.

Taurus also represents our values. What is it you love and value? Values are about ethics and beliefs, it relates to having integrity and being authentic. Our societies have come to measure value by how much we earn and own. But money is only one way to value things. For example we can value lifestyle, creativity, peace, harmony and knowledge.

Are your values acquired through self reflection and experience or have they been adopted from family and society expectations. This full Moon in Taurus is an opportune time to examine all this. But remember to enjoy being in a body on this beautiful Earth!
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Venus, the ‘ruler of this full Moon is in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces. This is a wonderful opportunity to gently heal old wounds around relationships. Also in focus is our lovability and self worth. We can all do with feeling more loveable!

Neptune is making a supportive aspect to this Full Moon, adding a mystical touch. Also helping us feel more receptive and open.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.15.47 PM

Happy Taurus Full Moon!


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