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Deep + Meaningful New Moon in Scorpio 11th Nov 2015

A sublime opportunity for deep connections
with ourself and others



New Moon in Scorpio today, this is a time when the moon is at it’s darkest. It’s time to go within and be present deeply. New Moon is time for a fresh start, it represents new beginnings. So this is a fabulous time to seed your intentions and wishes, especially those to do with anything ruled by Scorpio.

Here are some suggestions: to cultivate more emotional intelligence, to have the courage to be more receptive and intimate with others, to be more aware of defensive behaviour in ourself, to develop deeper levels of trust and openness.

'Luna' Edward Burn Jones

‘Luna’ Edward Burn Jones



Scorpio is a very instinctive sign, it’s strength is transformation, which is the process of death and re-birth. This can happen externally, in a project or relationship. Or it can occur internally, like when a self image or belief no longer fits.

Scorpio is ‘ruled’ by Pluto, which is a fierce archetypal energy that works by exposing and stripping us of illusions we may have. This can be painful but enriching and rewarding. It is a powerful guidance system to help us find and experience our authentic self. We are mostly attached to images and beliefs about ourselves that have been influenced by our families, culture and gender. Ultimately Pluto helps us to reconnect to our sense of purpose.

Constellation- scorpio

Pluto and Scorpio are associated with elimination, so at this new moon, it’s time to release stuck emotional patterns, old thought forms and beliefs that no longer serve us.

Strong themes associated with Scorpio are  power and self mastery. Other strong qualities associated with this sign are: determination, persistence, insight, resourcefulness, courage, magnetic and loyalty.


The Scorpio new moon has wonderful supportive aspects from Jupiter, Chiron, Mercury and Pluto. This will help us delve deep beyond the surface of ‘reality’ to examine what is really going on in our lives. Let’s release what’s clogging up our energy/ emotional channels and fearlessly step into the new so we can flourish in intimacy.

Klimt- detail of Fulfillment

Klimt- detail of Fulfillment





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