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Full Moon Blessings in Cancer Christmas day 2015

     Time to Nourish, Love and Nurture one another!

This is the last full Moon of the year. It’s at 3 degrees of Cancer.

Cancer is about our sense of belonging, family, home, our comfort zone and security. It accentuates preserving our family ties. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our emotional attachments, our ability to be receptive and sensitive. It is important to be aware of our deepest needs at this time.

Full Moon is when the moon is opposite the sun , in this case Cancer and Capricorn . These two signs represent the primal archetype of father (Capricorn) and mother (Cancer). Capricorn represents our public life, our profession and cancer represents our personal life, family and home, emotional needs. Are these two areas in harmony in our life or are they at cross purposes?

Spirit of the Plains, Sydney Long 1897

Spirit of the Plains,
Sydney Long 1897

Full Moon is a time of culmination, things come to fruition. If there’s been a project that’s not coming together or an idea that’s not formulating well, this can be a helpful time. Also full moons reveal internal issues that need to be focused on, we are drawn to areas in our personal life that need attention.

If there are family issues that have been avoided, this full moon will magnify them. So it’s good to deal with them now.

Ways we can utilise this time:

Work on family loyalties, create safety and comfort for ourselves and loved ones, heal our sense of belonging if we need to, developing more emotional trust with people, re-connect with our ancestors and heritage, be honest with ourselves and others about our feelings.






Neptune makes a beautiful trine to the Moon (180 degrees) encouraging us to accept people as they are. In other words, developing unconditional love.

On Christmas day Uranus stations and goes direct, it has been retrograde since July 26th this year. Since then we’ve had time to reflect on the changes we may have brought into our lives since december last year. Uranus in Aries encompasses initiating new ideas, projects, businesses or goals that are original and innovative. They should provide opportunities for more authentic self expression and more personal freedom.


Alphonso Mucha

Alphonso Mucha

Let’s enjoy this time and try and foster more emotional intimacy with ourselves and others. Happy Cancer full Moon.


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