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Let’s harness this challenging Mercury Retrograde time

Mercury Retrograde from 5th – 25th January



There is a lot of fear drummed up about Mercury retrograde, so let’s have a careful look at it. It can be a time of confusion in communications, failure of electronic devices, and delays in travel. But ultimately it’s about taking time out from the external world and going inward. This period of time is about retreating, reviewing, reassessing, reflecting and repairing.

Mercury goes retrograde at 1 degree of Aquarius and  travels back into Capricorn.
Aquarius is a future oriented, freedom loving, progressive sign. Other qualities associated with Aquarius: idealistic, innovative, experimentation, community – minded, grassroots.



Capricorn is practical, ambitious, pragmatic and cautious. It loves discipline, structure and for things to be clearly defined. So we may start the year with some visionary plans/goals, but we’ll need to backtrack and make sure our plans/projects are built on solid ground. This would be a good way to use this retrograde period.

Capricorn ~ Goat

Capricorn ~ Goat

Mercury goes direct at 15 degrees Capricorn on January 25th. Before this date we can review our commitments and responsibilities. What in our lives can function better? It’s a good time to reorganise and restructure our thoughts/finances/closets/filing systems/goals/projects or whatever needs it. Also Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so we can reassess and/or repair our boundaries (emotionally and physically).

Aspects to other planets by this Mercury retrograde

Mercury square Mars on 1st + 2nd Jan: this can be aggressive communication, quarrels, stubborn attitudes. Or taking action on ideas, a good time to be direct and clear away any tension that’s been around.

Mercury conjunct Pluto on 19th+20th Dec (before the retrograde period) then again on 25th to 29th Jan:
Meaning: potent words,scheming,clandestine manoeuvres, cover ups, obsessive thoughts, focused concentration, deep meaningful insights, shrewd sharp thinking.

Best to use this time by being honest with ourselves and look unpleasant issues directly, review and deal with

Ultimately Mercury retrograde can bring us to new clarity by slowing us down and encourage us to go inward. Teaching us to relax and accept when things don’t go our way. As we review our perceptions and thinking, we free ourselves from prejudice and we are open to more possibilities. Let’s make the best of it!


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