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CAPRICORN … Surprisingly sensitive, original and expressive!

Capricorn is about Mastery and Power, but there is a mystery too.

Book from 17th century 'Firmamentum Sobiescianum' by Johannes Hevelius 1690 Wiki Commons

Book from 17th century ‘Firmamentum Sobiescianum’ by Johannes Hevelius 1690 Wiki Commons

Thought it was important to write a post on Capricorn. It’s one of the most stereotyped of the zodiac signs. The usual description goes like this:

Capricorns are, responsible, driven and ambitious, serious, resourceful, practical, headstrong, conventional, independent, status oriented, loyal, inhibited, cautious, condescending, respect authority. They make good managers, have great organisational skills, high standards and are dedicated to their goals. This is all true, but there is more than meets the eyes!

The Capricorn is represented by the tenacious goat. It is well known that goats are sure-footed mountain climbers. Just like the ambitious goal setting Capricorn. What is lesser known is that the original symbol for Capricorn is a mythical creature. A goat with a fish tail ~ a goat~fish. The goat in ancient times was a symbol for earthy fertility. The fish symbolises intuition, spirituality and connection with soul.

Picture 21_2


Beneath the cool Capricorn exterior there is a depth that is limitless. The combination of these two animals represents deep earthy wisdom and creative spiritual yearning. Capricorns can be profound and deep thinkers, for example: Edgar Allan Poe (19th Jan) JRR Tolkien (3rd Jan) Martin Luther King (15th Jan).

They can be witty, flippant and have an absurd sense of humour, for example: Jim Carrey (17th Jan) Rowan Atkinson (6th Jan) .

David Bowie

David Bowie

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin









They can be very creative and original, for example: David Bowie (8th Jan) Janis Joplin (19th Jan) Joan Baez (9th Jan) Elvis Presley (8th Jan) Patti Smith (30th Dec) Henri Matisse (31st Dec) Paul Cézanne (19th Jan)

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

Henry Miller

Henry Miller









Other famous Capricorns: Martin Luther King (15th Jan) Carlos Castaneda (25th Dec) Cary Grant (18th Jan) Yukio Mishima (14th Jan) Henry Miller (26th Dec) Marlene Dietrich (27th Dec) Umberto Eco (5th Jan)

cary Grant


As you can see there is a wealth of talent: visionary, musical, literary and performing arts. They can be outrageous and original. They are surprisingly sensitive people despite the tough front they put on. So next time you meet a Capricorn, don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley










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