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Intense and Climactic Leo Full Moon

Hyped up Full Moon in Leo 23rd/24th January

The Toilette ~ Gustave Moreau 1885

The Toilette ~
Gustave Moreau 1885

Leo Full Moons are usually playful and vibrant. This one has some element of that, but is overshadowed by the strained patterns of some of the other planets. Mars in Scorpio makes a square (90 degree angle) to the full Moon, adding intensity and potential confrontational vibes. Someone may be in the mood for battle.

Mercury in Capricorn is still retrograde and now conjunct (next to) Pluto in Capricorn from the 21st till the 31st. Even though this does not aspect the full Moon it will totally dominate it. (See more info later in the post.)

Let’s look at the significance of full Moons. They are a climax of energy in the lunar cycle.

At Full Moon things come to a head; it’s a culmination of energy patterns that have been at play for a while in our life and our psyche. It can be a time of endings, but also a time when things or projects come to fruition. Look to where in your natal chart 3 degrees Leo falls, that will indicate where the action will be. This area of your chart and your life will be illuminated, indicating potential for increased awareness.

Strength ~ Rider Tarot Deck

Strength ~ Rider Tarot Deck

Leo /Aquarius Axis

Larger-than-life/ need-to-be-important Leo is ruled by the Sun and is associated with the heart. Here are some of the qualities associated with Leo: playful, joyful, generosity of spirit, domineering, enthusiastic unapologetically proud, courageous, willful, flamboyant, pompous and commanding. They love to be in the limelight, have their egos boosted and are very pleasure oriented. They are concerned with self evolution.

Eccentric/altruistic Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus. It is associated with the circulatory system, ankles, achilles heel and shins. Qualities associated with Aquarius are: humanitarian, independent, progressive, individualistic, idealist, aloof, opinionated, egalitarian, innovative, visionary, emotionally cool, and willful. They often work in grass roots organisations and are technologically minded. They are concerned with the evolution of the collective.

Aquarius ~ constellation

Aquarius ~ constellation

One of the themes coming to a head with this full Moon:
How do we fit into any group we are associated with? Does being a member of the group help fulfill our purpose or does it hinder it? These concerns may grab our attention and get us thinking.

Mars in Scorpio square full Moon
Mars in Scorpio ups the ante of intensity. It’s a forceful dynamic that can not be ignored. (Especially if you have personal planets in early degrees of fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). This could bring out the drama in any situation or relationship. As you can see, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius are all fixed signs. Meaning they are stubborn, inflexible, determined and defended. This energy combo can manifest as a standoff situation. Or it can unleash repressed anger or venom if triggered.
Matisse ~ Dance 1

Matisse ~ Dance 1

There is a positive side, we can channel these energies into something creative. Leo/ Aquarius are about self expression and contributing our unique talents. So create a unique project, a piece of writing, art, join a community group or a local theatre/dance group.
The urge is there to act, Mars loves to take action.

Mars = drive! This passionate combo can embolden us to be more daring and original in our creations!

Deep Meaningful communications possible

Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries
This is the last few weeks of the Pluto/Uranus square that has been around since 2012. (See post from March 10, 2015) These planets are not exact by degree but they are still influential (only one degree off). We have experienced these energies as high pressure and unbearable tension as the urge for change is rising from our depths. It’s been time for a revolution in our consciousness.


It is auspicious that Mercury has joined this dynamic now. It is an awesome opportunity to reflect, review, and reassess what we have learnt about ourselves and the world in the last 4 years. Mercury joining Pluto is a chance for deep insights and new perspective. We need to be honest with ourselves so we can be alert for strong intuition and those aha moments.

The question is…… have we harnessed all this high powered energy to challenge ourselves? Have we examined our prejudices and beliefs about what is possible? What we can create/ attract in our lives? Mercury may help us put words to some of what we have been feeling in these challenging times.
Now is the time to integrate some of the new ideas/info/insights we have been exposed to. Also any new decisions we have made or new experiences we’ve had. After all Mercury was known as the Messenger of the Gods!

Hermes/ Mercury Ancient Greek vase

Hermes/ Mercury
Ancient Greek vase

Mercury represents how we perceive and think about things and how we express ourselves. With it being next to Pluto, we get to go deep in our unconscious and bring up what needs to be brought to light.

In ancient mythology, Mercury was the only one to visit Hades (death realm) and come back alive. What the myths are symbolically saying is that our perceptions and thinking can bridge realities. Making conscious what is unconscious. Let’s summon up the courage and fortitude to see our deep truths so we can live and share them.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.00.43 PM



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