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Aquarius New Moon can set you free! 8th Feb 2016

New Moon in Aquarius is time to envision our goals, make them as “far out” as possible, create our niche in the world. Find our unique path or if we are already on it, develop it to the next level.



New Moons are an opportunity for a fresh start, this one is in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus can liberate us through sudden insights and knowing, in other words INTUITION. It shakes things up, externally and internally. This disruptive, surprising energy can awaken and revitalise us. Saturn promotes stability, structure and clarity. Both Uranus and Saturn are making a sextile (60 degrees away) to this new Moon providing opportunities to initiate and consolidate our goals.

Aquarius is an air sign representing the realm of ideas, concepts and communication, social enterprise. It’s idealistic, future oriented, experimental, autonomous and group oriented. Aquarius coaxes us to have integrity and live our ideals. To not “settle” for things as they are, but to work towards improving our lives as well as the lives of others. Also to develop our shared reality, through innovative, original humanitarian efforts, technological and scientific breakthroughs that benefit humanity.

We can all participate by being more conscious of how we operate in the world, how we affect other people and the world around us. The evolution of human consciousness, individually and collectively are associated with the Aquarius archetype.

New moon 3


The new beginnings symbolised by the new Moon can be about friendships, group activities as well as any goals. It’s time to be pioneering, challenge dogma, find the courage to initiate new projects that reflect our ideals, go solo, go freelance or grow our social conscience.

Seize the moment to fight for a cause, experience a personal breakthrough, release inhibitions and embrace our uniqueness or reform a part of our lives that needs rebooting. So many options to choose from!

Dare to be yourself! via advancedstyleblogspot

Dare to be yourself!
via advancedstyleblogspot

Bold and daring Mars in Scorpio is making a square (90 degrees aspect) to the new Moon adding impulsiveness and a dash of impatience. It will also emphasise the urge to act, this energy needs directing or it can cause friction. Mars will speed things up, it needs some caution despite the urge to rush into things. This indicates potential combative energy, a clash of wills, we may be provoked or pressured. It’s advisable to transform any anger arising into energy to initiate something bold and new.

Mars in Scorpio wants to be very personal and intense, this completely clashes with the Aquarian Sun and Moon, which is objective and impersonal by nature. We will need to manoeuvre and handle this conflicting combination. On the positive side, Mars can add dynamic energy, vitality and a new life force to any goals, projects or ideals we conceive/initiate at this time.








The best way to exploit this wonderful opportunity is to leave behind “normal” and push the boundaries of what we think is possible! The cosmos is saying ” what kind of future can you envision for yourself?” So let’s go ahead and brainstorm with our friends to find innovative solutions for stuck energies in our lives!

Happy Aquarian New Moon!

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