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Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse 8/9th March 2016



Total Solar Eclipse Super Moon!

This powerful planetary alignment is an opportunity for monumental healing of our issues and personal patterns that we have been carrying around for eons! It is a chance to release the outworn beliefs, feelings and conditions that keep us from evolving. It can reveal what from the past has a hold over us.

Tell a New Story

Now is a good time to let go of the old story that you tell about yourself. Tell a new story share your vision as you want your life to be. Don’t tell it as it is if you are not happy with it.

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Sun, Moon, South Node and Chiron are all in Pisces. Go with the flow~ Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of cosmic consciousness and transcendence. By taking opportunity of the healing available now we may experience a spiritual awakening. Pisces is symbolic of the deep waters of the ocean. Water is associated with feelings, so it’s a great time to cleanse our psyche and our body. Clear out old toxic energies/beliefs/feelings. Where in our lives do we feel defeated and disillusioned? All this is being highlighted by this eclipse.

Take advantage of this time to create a sacred space, an alter to set your intentions. Or go to a place of worship, be it nature or a building. Create your own rituals. Be receptive to the divine.

Spirit of the Plains,  Sydney Long 1897

Spirit of the Plains,
Sydney Long 1897

Solar Eclipse is a powerful energetic phenomena. It involves a blockage of the light that is transmitted by the sun. This can be seen as a symbol for integrating aspects from our unconscious (dark) into our conscious awareness (light). We can become more aware of the subconscious forces that operate in our psyche. Especially fears that have a hold over us.

Eclipses are Agents for change

Eclipses by nature are full of surprises, so expect the unexpected! They can push us out of a rut. This can be a time of endings and beginnings. Look for where in your chart 19 degrees falls. You may experience a major wipe out/ healing crisis/renewal to do with that area of your life.

As with all New Moons, this is an opportune time to set new intentions. These should include the following Piscean subjects: healing, compassion, being of service, meditation, prayer, spiritual path, visions, dreams, being more receptive etc.

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We are being cajoled to feel our vulnerabilities, deepest emotional wounds and sensitivities. We are meant to dive deep at this time. Don’t fear losing yourself in the process. Healing has a magic of it’s own. What you are ‘losing’ is not really you. We are not what we identify with. This is Pisces message! It’s showing us that when we let go of our ego identity and our story of who we think we are, we can submerge ourselves in the cosmic waters and return renewed. More alive than ever! So lets yield to the magnetic tidal pull of Pisces and make the most of this phenomenal eclipse!


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