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Lunar Eclipse in Libra 23rd March 2016

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

Lunar eclipses represent  a time of completion or culmination in the lunar cycle. It’s a time of endings, they effect our emotions, forcing us to deal with subconscious forces within us. This eclipse highlights what is out of balance in our relationships (both personal and business). We can ask ourselves the question… “how do we support each other and go for what we want”?

This Lunar Eclipse is the last in a series that have been in Libra and Aries. The energies of these signs have a strong potential for polarisation, yet are highly complimentary. They symbolise the axis of self and other. The challenge with this theme is: Can we harmonise our urge to be independent and assertive with being thoughtful to others. Also can we cooperate, be fair and achieve our own goals? All this is in the spot light at this time.





Eclipses portend a shutting down of an aspect of our lives. There is a lot of superstition about eclipses, it’s been around for centuries. They are associated with unpredictable energy as well as beginnings and endings. Think of eclipses as portals to access some of the content of your unconscious. What has been hidden or unwanted gets revealed! It can bring a crisis situation to a head.

Opportunity to embrace our wholeness

With eclipses we have a chances to peak into the “shadow” side of our nature, some of us have had powerful collisions with it! If we can resist fighting or judging it, but instead accepting it as part of our nature, it can lead to wonderful discoveries that can revitalise us.

Sometimes our energies, strengths, capacities, gifts, aptitude, genius, power can be released when we stop fighting our shadow. We open up to new ways to express our truth and create new dynamics in relating to others. It’s important to let go of ‘ego chatter’ and defensive behaviour. And to also have courage and faith (both very Aries qualities) to create more wholehearted relationships.

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At this time we may be nudged into
finishing an existing relationship,
or starting a new one. This applies
especially if we have already been
thinking about it.


Aspects to this full Moon

With both Mercury and Mars in close aspect to the full Moon, we may find new ways to express our ideals and visions. It’s important to not be too subjective about our opinions though. There’s also an opportunity to have a new perspective on the past. With Chiron next to the South Node in Pisces we can access some major healing in relation to the past wounds that have not healed.

Ultimately communications seems to be a major theme with this eclipse. We can learn a lot about ourself via our communication and reactions to others. So be mindful.

The heart of the matter

It’s time to be honest with ourselves and others. Old unresolved issues will be highlighted. As the imbalances in our relationships become obvious let’s find the courage to be clear about our truth and to share it with each other. Not forgetting to listen as well!
Happy Libran Full Moon!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.17.07 PM



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