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ARIES ~ a closer look

 A closer look at Loveable – Rambunctious –       Give me a piece of the Action ARIES!!

Wiki Commons

Wiki Commons

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s the beginning of the zodiac cycle. It’s pure raw life force, with plenty of vitality! When an Aries person is fired up on a mission, you better get out of the way! Aries has an “act now- think later” approach to life. It’s an energetic innovative fire sign that loves a challenge. Because it’s ruled by Mars, it’s constantly on the move. In fact they can get rambunctious if confined for too long.

Aries natives at their best are courageous and daring. They have strong leadership qualities and are very direct. You can be sure that they will tell you what they think about you. No room for ambiguity here, you will definitely know where you stand with them.

Aries 2
They love being first at anything and have the confidence (and energy) to tackle big tasks/projects.

Being combative, aggressive, impatient, bossy and stubborn are some of the negative Aries qualities.

They make good athletes, adventurers and entrepreneurs. Other suitable professions are in the police or military or pioneering in the science/ research fields.

Aries planetary ruler, Mars represents the impulse to act among other things. So the natives don’t really like sitting around planning and talking too much. Any obstacle blocking the path to their objective is faced directly and swiftly. Taken to an extreme they can be quite reckless.

Wiki Commons

Wiki Commons

Aries and Libra are opposite each other in the zodiac. Even though they have many opposing qualities, they really need to imbibe some of each other’s strengths. For example: Aries are very independent and often don’t like consulting others before deciding on something. They can learn from Libra’s thoughtfulness to others. Librans are more likely to be co-operative.
Libra, can get stuck in indecision as they process mentally all their options and how it may affect others around them. They can do with some of the Aries ability to be bold, to take initiative and jump into things!

The energies of these signs have a strong potential for polarisation. Libra can sometimes think that Aries is too selfish. While Aries can judge Librans as people who fluff around and don’t get much done.

Aries and Libra symbolise the axis of self and other. The challenge with this theme is: Can we harmonise our urge to be independent and assertive with being thoughtful to others. Also can we cooperate, be fair and achieve our own goals? This can be a creative combo!


This is what Aries would like to say to Librans!!





Essentially Aries is a fire sign and like all fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius) is excitable, high spirited, spontaneous, impulsive and self-centred. Fire signs are motivated by the drive to express themselves. This is very creative and powerful. It does need sensitivity so as not to overpower people with gentler dispositions.

Danny Hart~wikimedia Commons

Famous Aries People
Vivienne Westwood (fashion)
Akira Kurosawa (filmmaker)
Gloria Steinem (women’s rights activist)
Sergei Diaghilev ( ballet dancer, choreographer)
Mies van der Rohe (architect)
Vincent Van Gogh (artist)
Leonardo de Vinci (artist, inventor, mathematician)


Ravi Shankar (musician)
Samuel Beckett (playwright, author)
Charlie Chaplin (actor, comedian)
Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
James Parkinson (scientist, neurologist, doctor).


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