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Bold + Dynamic Aries New Moon calling us!

    May we experience courageous new                                     beginnings!

Aries New Moon 7th April 2016

Taken by Ksusha Semakina

Taken by Ksusha Semakina

New Moon in Aries is summoning us to be audaciously bold and pioneering! Aries is a dynamic, action oriented sign. It is the first sign in the zodiac, it’s element is fire. Naturally Aries is a trail blazing sign, loves being first and is fearless in trying anything new.

This is the Aries time of year (March 20 – April 19). New Moon is time for a fresh start, it represents new beginnings. So this is a fabulous opportunity to seed our intentions and wishes, especially those to do with anything ruled by Aries. Like initiating a new project or business. Starting a new exercise regime, going on an adventure, spring clean our home or our bodies.

Aries - Chatres

Aries – Chatres

Aries is a Cardinal sign, it has drive, enterprise and ambition. It likes to get things done! Like all fire signs, there’s a emphasis on freedom of expression. The fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) embody high spirits, enthusiasm and a great faith in life and in themselves. It’s easier to be inspired by these qualities during this new moon. We can’t help but be carried away by the buoyancy!

Strong aspects to this Aries New Moon

High Voltage New Moon!

Torsten Dettlaff

Torsten Dettlaff

Uranus is nuzzling up to the Sun and Moon, vamping up the energy, adding zing and excitement! Uranus will accentuate the Aries qualities, like impulsive, directness, independence, impatient and uncompromising. Expect the unexpected with this combo! We are being sparked up!



Luckily Saturn in Sagittarius trines the New Moon, steadying the high voltage energy described above. It’s a grounding influence that allows us to bring in more structured change. Saturn’s motto “don’t be reckless ~ look before you leap!” Also helping us to set more long term goals and be more patient in general. It adds a touch of high achiever vibe in the mix.

Saturn is retrograde, so we may not be able to develop our new projects till it goes direct in August. Also Mars, the ruler of this New Moon is going retrograde soon. This adds to the delays in growing our new projects/ideas. This is an awesome time for the inception stage, we just need to be patient for a few months to see the outcomes we desire. Meanwhile we can review and revise what we have started.




Pluto in Capricorn is squaring the New Moon, this can be felt as strong tension within. Or it can play out as power struggles with others. Be aware of what you may be projecting onto others.

Intense issues that have been around since 2012 when Pluto started squaring Uranus may revisit.
( see previous posts: 10th April 2014, 23rd Dec 2014, 18th Jan 2015, 10 March 2015)
This is another chance to see if we have integrated what we have learnt in the last 4 years. And maybe even achieve a new perspective. Another positive point, is that Pluto’s powerful energy is available to fuel what ever we create.

Harnessing all these planets … Sun, Moon, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto we can take charge and direct our lives more than we have been able to for a while.

Here are some suggestions on how to use all these energies:

* take original, innovative, exciting action
* embrace your wonderful self unapologetically
* follow your hunches and take a leap of faith
* be open to change and new perspective
* break free of some restriction in your life (internal or external)
* unclog blocked energy, declutter your mind, body, home
* be a hero in your own story


So let’s tap into the dynamic energy, embody our integrity and uniqueness and seize this potent and compelling Aries New Moon! Happy New Moon everyone!



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  1. Fabulous astrological blog as usual Mathilde. But touches me because it’s Aries. XXX

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