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Full Moon in Scorpio 22nd April 2016

Alphonse Mucha wiki commons

Alphonse Mucha
wiki commons

It may be time to declare our feelings to someone!

Some things (or people) may come to a head with this full Moon. It may highlight the less likeable/shadow side of ourselves and others. Can we be more accepting of our differences. Allow each other to totally be? Let go of wanting to control others? This is another opportunity to find out. We get a chance to get close and personal with our (and other’s) fears and strengths.

At Full Moon things come to a head; it’s a culmination of energy patterns that have been at play for a while in our life and our psyche. It can be a time of endings, but also a time when things or projects come to fruition. Look to where in your natal chart 2 degrees Scorpio falls, that will indicate where the action will be. This area of your chart and your life will be illuminated, indicating potential for increased awareness.

Picture 1_5_2

Taurus is a very practical earth sign, focusing on being productive and acquiring resources + possessions. It’s often the sign of the collector. It is concerned with what is tangible. More than any other sign, Taurus sees the sacred in the physical. They love to seek emotional fulfilment through the senses, by slowing down and enjoy being in their bodies. It is ruled by Venus/ Aphrodite making beauty and sensuality very important.

Taurus is in touch with the ‘here and now’ reality of the physical world. It focuses on what is rather than what might be. They seek SECURITY, SAFETY + COMFORT, it’s a stable and reliable hard working sign. Known for their patience and self- discipline.

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Scorpio on the other hand is a complex sign, with a strong drive and even stronger desire nature. It’s a very instinctive sign, it’s strength is transformation, which is the process of death and re-birth. They are sensitive and in touch with the nuances and subtleties that go unnoticed by others. They can be compulsive and obsessive with people, ideas, missions…. anything!


Scorpio nature is not comfortable accepting things as they are. Always going beyond appearances, digging at what is hidden. They love to push the limits, often not knowing when to stop. It’s the sign most associated with CONTROL + POWER. They can be very passionate, magnetic and irresistible! They have the best bull shit detector, and won’t let social etiquette stop them from telling you how they feel!

Mars and Pluto both rulers of Scorpio are retrograde at this time. (This means they appear to be traveling backwards from our perspective on earth) Retrograde motion gives us a chance to review what has been happening for the last few months or more. It’s time to review any new experiences and encounters. In fact Mercury will join them soon, turning retrograde on April 28th, making it 5 planets retrograde.

So as we are reviewing and reflecting , we can look at whether we play it safe (Taurus) or do we go ahead and  push the boundaries (Scorpio). Either way we may make the decision at this time, and things may start. But don’t expect major results till Mars goes direct on 29th June 2016.

Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries supports adventurous romantic encounters, adding to the theme of relationships. Happy Scorpio full Moon!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.16.22 PM




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