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Jupiter in Virgo goes direct

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August 2015. It has a 12 year cycle, staying in each zodiac sign for approximately for one year. It leaves Virgo and enters Libra on the 10th September this year.



Jupiter in Virgo helps us get in touch with our physical senses, and the reality of the physical world. Virgo is concerned with mind/body connection, so with Jupiter here, we are encouraged to focus on health, diet and fitness. Included in the health area, is how our thoughts affect our wellbeing.  After all Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and perceptions.

Virgo is self contained, cautious and reserved. It has the propensity to analyse and is best at discrimination.

Jupiter is the planet of the adventurer, loves to learn, expand and grow. It encourages having faith in life and being open to new experiences. Jupiter’s joyful energy often attracts fortunate circumstances and synchronicity because it is so upbeat and positive.

Virgo Chatres

Virgo Chatres

In many ways Virgo and Jupiter are opposites. Virgo likes to focus on details, taking care that all the “Ts are crossed and Is dotted” in every task. Making sure nothing gets overlooked. Jupiter on the other hand likes to view the BIG PICTURE, the vision.

But opposites can be complimentary. We can make the most of this fusion now. It may not be the most exciting sign placement for Jupiter, but there are so many benefits. For example we can grow (Jupiter) through being of service to others (Virgo). Being useful and helping others can be very satisfying and beneficial to ourselves.

Other benefits:
# we can fuse practicality and idealism by setting clear goals with tangible results
# refine and develop our skills, becoming more proficient with them
# promote new levels of communicating and understanding
# rejuvenate our schedules, systems, procedures, storage units/spaces
# enjoy getting things done, especially if we get to tick them off a list!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 1.33.18 AM


Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter has been retrograde since the 8th of January this year. As with all retrogrades, it allows us to review, reassess, reflect. The purpose is to slow down and get more clarity and insight, revisit important decisions we may have made. May started with five planets retrograde, as well as 3 planets in Taurus, this has meant that things have slowed right down. Nothing is going to happen in a hurry.

Jupiter direct

Jupiter went direct on 9th May, this will help us go forwards and get some movement happening. Don’t expect anything dramatic, this will be a subtle shift. If a particular project has been on hold, this can help shift things. Although at this time there are still four other planets retrograde. The two planets that will have a strong affect in the short term are Mercury and Mars. Mercury goes direct on the 22nd May, that should add momentum. Mars stays direct till the end of June.

So let’s celebrate the promise of more personal growth, and opportunities to expand our knowledge in practical ways. Cheers to reconnecting to our purpose, having cautious optimism and clearer understanding. That’s what Jupiter in Virgo can do for us.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.15.47 PM




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