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Full Moon in Sagittarius Saturday 21st May



Two Full Moons in Sagittarius!
We must need to be inspired and motivated to go on a BIG ADVENTURE or have a BIG VISION because we have not one but two full Moons in Sagittarius! The first is on the 21st May, the second on June 20th. This is a positive, high energy full Moon. It is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, even though Mars is still retrograde it will energise this lunation. The Sun is in Gemini so communication and understanding is highlighted.

Sagittarius is spontaneous and daring. It LOVES adventure, travel, the outdoors, everything foreign and exotic. It believes in the possible and in following dreams, ideals and hunches. the truth seeker, the philosopher, the visionary, the idealist. The one who seeks BIG IDEAS, follows inspiration with much enthusiasm and has boundless faith and optimism in life.

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alice 1








The question is, will this full Moon bring out the curious, truth seeker, philosopher in us, who is looking for greater freedom in life? Or the fanatical righteous crusader, who agitates with a loaded agenda? How important is it for us to be right? We have been feeling frustrated with so many planets retrograde since April. This full Moon next to Mars could trigger a release of our frustrations. However a better use of the energies is to reflect and review our life direction. How have we been using our energies? Has it served us well? How can we incorporate more meaning into our lives with the use of “right action”.




The two full Moons in Sagittarius should help get us pointed in the right direction! But we will need to wait till the second full Moon on the 2oth June.

Also Mercury finally goes direct on the 22nd May, that should keep the momentum going.





More on Sagittarius

Like all fire signs, it’s energetic, high spirited, impulsive, excitable and direct. More than the other fire signs (Leo and Aries) Sagittarius is motivated by a quest for meaning in life. It’s strongly idealistic and has enormous amounts of faith that things will just work out. Loves to roam free in nature, and has insatiable wonder lust.

Sagittare ~ Naples Galeria Umberto Naples

Sagittare ~ Naples
Galeria Umberto Naples









So with action oriented Mars bedding down next to the Full Moon we may access more courage and motivation. Even though Mars is retrograde, it’s still bold and dramatic! This combo is volatile and unstable. Let’s make sure that our actions are noble and not destructive. Mars goes direct on 29th June. The ruler of the Moon, Jupiter is in Virgo, so that should help stabilise things somewhat. The Sagittarius wild horse energy is contained in a harness so to speak! Let’s be aware of our attitudes and how we express them. Happy Sag full Moon!

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